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Old World Charm, Gourmet Food, & Fine Wine in Paris

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Legrand Filles et Fils originally opened in 1880 as a gourmet grocery store, and through the next five generations and 140 years cemented itself as an iconic destination in Paris for gourmet food and fine wine.

Wine has always been at the heart of Legrand Filles et Fils. When Alexandre and Pierre Legrand took over the shop from François Beaugé, the brothers began purchasing wines by the barrel and bottling them on-site.

The extensive wine selection at Paris wine shop Legrand Filles et Fils.
Photo by Landen Kerr

The love of wine in the family continued when Pierre’s son Lucien took over the shop in 1945. He made it his objective to scour the vineyards in France for bon petit vin du quotidien—excellent everyday wines. He organized tastings at the shop and Legrand Filles et Fils became known as a wine bar for Parisians as well as an épicerie.

Lucien’s daughter Francine took over in 1984 and continued to add her own mark and wine discoveries to the store. Since 2000, Legrand Filles et Fils has taken more of a global approach and showcases wines from all over the world from over 370 winemakers. Their collection is made up of more than 3000 unique wines.

Stepping into Legrand Filles et Fils from the épicerie will make you feel like you’re in Paris in the early 1900s. From the wood shelves and tiled floors to the corks inlaid on the ceiling, every detail is authentic. You’ll of course find plenty of wines and liqueurs, and other products include roasted coffee, loose-leaf teas, incredible jams, gourmet olive oil and vinegars, and plenty of hard to resist sweet treats arranged in glass jars. The friendly team is available to answer any food or wine related questions. 

Antique wooden shelves in the charming old-world wine and fine food shop.
Photo by Landen Kerr

Continue walking through the store and you’ll see every possible wine accessory you could imagine from glasses to oxygenators, stoppers and more, as well as a selection of books to help wine lovers of all levels to expand their knowledge. 

The light-filled Comptoir de Dégustation is the restaurant and wine bar. The space overlooks stunning Galerie Vivienne and has a seasonal menu specifically designed to accompany the wine selection. The Salon Lucien Legrand is a dedicated tasting room for both public and private tastings, and is where students of the Wine School attend courses.

Photo by Landen Kerr

Whether you’re looking for fine wine or gourmet foods, Legrand Filles et Fils is a great and authentically Parisian destination to visit. 

Legrand Filles et Fils:
Monday from 11 am–7 pm
Tuesday–Saturday 10 am–7:30 pm

Comptoir de Dégustation:
Monday–Thursday 12 pm–7:30 pm
Friday & Saturday 12 pm–8:30 pm

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