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Stuffed lion standing on a table in the middle of an elegant Paris cabinet of curiosities, Deyrolle.
Photo courtesy Deyrolle © Clémence Rolland-Casado


Stylish Paris Cabinet of Curiosities

46 Rue du Bac, 75007 Paris

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Step back into time, or rather, step into a veritable cabinet of curiosities, with a visit to Deyrolle. I first came across a mention of this shop in the writings by author Dave Sedaris, who referred to this place as the ‘Noah’s ark of taxidermy.’ 

Having never been particularly interested in taxidermy, Sedaris’ enthusiasm for this Paris institution convinced me to visit it. And when I did, I was blown away by the unique way in which Deyrolle combines natural history with the art and science of taxidermy. 

Taxidermied rhinoceros and buck in rustic but elegant gift shop of Deyrolle Cabinet of Curiosities
Photo courtesy Deyrolle © Clémence Rolland-Casado

On the ground floor, Deyrolle is a seemingly normal Parisian shop, albeit one with a variety of carefully curated goods. But just a short walk up the spiral staircase, on the first floor, the space opens up into something as grand as it is surreal. 

The lusciously decorated interiors feel rich, with vibrant colors, woven textures, and a treasure trove of taxidermied creatures and other curiosities. There are magnificent peacocks with plumes that cascade from the shelves to the floor. Realistic zebras and panthers stare at you. There are also life-like bears, owls, and exotic monkeys.

A collection of stuffed, taxidermy animals including a lion, penguin, various birds, and more.
Photo courtesy Deyrolle © Clémence Rolland-Casado

Carefully displayed in glass cases, are an assortment of fossils, rocks, crystals, butterflies, splendidly colored beetles, and shells in iridescent colors that seem almost unearthly. 

The mouldings on the ceilings and walls, along with the vintage furniture make the trip into another dimension complete. Adding to the air of unreal whimsy is the way that light streams into the display rooms from the tall windows that open up to magnificent views of Parisian streets and buildings.

Taxidermy unicorn mounted on a warm wood-panelled wall above wooden cases and drawers.
Photo courtesy Deyrolle © Clémence Rolland-Casado

Founded in 1831 by entomologist Jean-Baptiste Deyrolle, today, this historic establishment has evolved as a shop and museum specializing in taxidermy and etymology.

Here, science, art, and curiosity converge in a celebration of the natural world. Having inspired personalities such as surrealists André Breton and Salvador Dalí, and contemporary artists Damien Hirst and Woody Allen, Deyrolle stands as an iconic institution in Paris.

Insects and other exotic specimens in glass cases inside a store with wooden bookcases and walls.
Photo courtesy Deyrolle © Clémence Rolland-Casado

Nestled in the heart of Paris’s 7th Arrondissement, it is also the perfect stopover for those looking for an offbeat Paris experience.  

In addition to its awe-inspiring displays, Deyrolle has been committed to education. It supplies teaching materials such as scientific instruments and pedagogical boards for students of subjects such as zoology, botany, anatomy etc. Their engagement extends beyond its walls, with the shop partnering with schools, museums, and cultural institutions to promote environmental awareness and conservation. 

I personally am obsessed with its collection of books and stationery, which include some of the most magnificent notebooks and postcards. Deyrolle is a must-visit if strange and wonderous things delight you, and you love the idea of spending hours gazing at curious objects and natural wonders, thinking up the weird and wonderous stories they contain.

Stuffed lion standing on a table in the middle of an elegant Paris cabinet of curiosities, Deyrolle.
Photo courtesy Deyrolle © Clémence Rolland-Casado

Deyrolle is an invitation to a quaint forgotten world. It promotes a way of interacting with the natural world which probably most of us are not acquainted with anymore. As Paris evolves and changes, Deyrolle remains a timeless treasure, or rather, a time capsule, reminding us of the beauty and wonder that can be found in the world around us.

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46 Rue du Bac, 75007 Paris
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