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Le Barbouille

Bar at Le Barbouille bistro in Paris

Le Barbouille

Cozy and Delicious Haut Marais Bistro

13 Rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris

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There are so many great little places for food in the Haut Marais, that you are truly spoiled for choice. And while I love trying different places, I often keep finding myself back in Le Barbouille, at 13 Rue de Bretagne.

One block away from the lovely Marché des Enfants Rouge, and opposite that fabulous mural where Rue de Bretagne meets Rue Debelleyme, the corner spot of this great Paris restaurant is perfect for sitting outside to watch the locals and tourists go by. It’s especially fun during Paris Fashion Week, when you see all sorts of Birds of Paradise parade past.

But, you should also try sitting inside, in the back, around the corner from the bar. At the end table to the right where the wall is decorated with golden Egyptian-inspired foliage. There’s no real reason, because all of the tables are nice, but I always feel snug and cozy at that table. 

Cozy corner booth inside cool Paris restaurant

The staff are so nice in this place, always friendly and very patient with guests who might struggle with their French — a good sign in my book.

As for the food, there are all-time favorites on the menu, from tartare, to croque monsieur and madames, from sandwiches to roast chicken.

But I must admit that the steak haché with a fried egg on top is often my personal order of choice. I know it’s basically a burger without a bun, and they also do a mean burger, but I prefer the patty without the bread. That said, I am forever torn between the steak haché and the omelette.

Breakfast at Paris café, Le Barbouille

Is there a better place for lunch-time omelettes than Paris? I don’t think so, and here they cook a sizeable mixed omelette which you can assemble however you choose.

I love to have some ham and potatoes or some mushrooms, but plain is also delicious. Oh, and in summer, you really must try the salads. They’re huge, fresh, and so so good. Especially when they throw some goat cheese in with it!

If you have room for dessert, and you’re lucky enough that the daily special happens to be apple crumble, go for it! It’s really good, and not too sweet. It’s also large enough to share. Aren’t into apple? The mousse au chocolat is also amazing. 

Apple crumble dessert

Le Barbouille is nothing fancy, but it’s a nice Paris bistro where you can get simple food that’s consistently good. And all at a reasonable price.

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Le Marais
Haut Marais
Métro Ⓜ
Filles du Calvaire, Saint-Sébastien – Froissart
13 Rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris
Opening Hours
Mon-Thurs: 07:00-00:00, Fri: 07:00-02:00, Sat: 08:00-00:00, Sun: 09:00-00:00.

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