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The Best Places To Eat in Paris


There are so many good restaurants in Paris, it can be tough to decide where to dine out. To help you narrow down your options, we asked our community of local insiders for their top personal recommendations and brought them all together in this curated Paris restaurant guide. Whether you want to grab a quick bite or are in the mood for fine dining à la française, these are our favorite places to eat in the French capital.


Astay in the City of Light isn’t complete without enjoying a meal in a classic Parisian bistro, brasserie, or bouillon. Working-class restaurants in a bygone era, today, these traditional French restaurants offer both authentic and inventive dining experiences. For typical French food, often in historic Belle Epoque interiors, here’s where to eat in Paris.

  • Experiences, Gastronomic Experiences
    Champagne & Choux Baking Class
    Pâte à Choux or Choux pastry dough is what is used in making so many sexy French treats… Éclairs, Gougères (savory cheese puffs), Choux Salé, Chouquettes, Profiteroles (sweet cream puffs), Saint Honoré-Piece Monté (aka Croquembouche)…
  • Experiences, Gastronomic Experiences
    French Wine Tasting in Paris
    This is the main session of Wine Tasting in Paris.  It will take you on a road trip straight into the heart of French wine country. This tasting is perfect if you want to have a broader understanding and a global view of French wines. A veritable feast of wines will be awaiting you at each sto…
  • Experiences, Gastronomic Experiences
    French Caviar Tasting
    The caviar you are about to discover is produced in the Dordogne region to the rhythms of the seasons and the life of sturgeons. This product of excellence, based on the valorization of unique terroir and innovative production techniques, is the reflection of impeccable standards. Research innova…
  • Experiences, Gastronomic Experiences
    Wine & Cheese Pairing
    This experience is an excellent opportunity for people who want to have a light introduction to French wines and discover how to pair them perfectly with French cheeses. You’ll get all the basic information you need to know about wine in France, including proper terminology, proper wine ta…
  • Experiences, Gastronomic Experiences
    Café Gourmand Cooking Class
    This baking class is all about exploring the thoroughly brilliant Parisian concoction – Le Café Gourmand – a wonderful coupling of a good Espresso, a pousse-café* and miniature versions of four or five French pastries. It’s a small, extravagant luxury – go on, treat yourself! *Pousse-café – a li…
  • Experiences, Gastronomic Experiences
    Market To Table Tour & Cooking Class
    Join American expat chef and cook book author Alisa of Sweet Pea Paris, for an authentically Parisian experience. You’ll start your adventure by following Alisa to one of Paris’s best marchés (fresh food markets), where you’ll tour the stalls, meet the merchants, discover local products, a…
  • Experiences, Gastronomic Experiences, Guided Tours
    Pastry Tour of Le Marais
    Le Marais is arguably the hippest neighborhood in Paris. While some may say that there are too many fashionistas, bobos, and tourists in the area, the charming cobblestone streets and vibrant atmosphere just can’t be beat. But Le Marais isn’t just about appearances. Local guides Nikki and Frederi…


When you’re craving a stylish meal in the capital, head to one of these top Parisian restaurants. Combining chic design with casual dining, these cool eateries offer international cuisine on their menus, Instagram-worthy interiors, and, usually a bit of a line since everybody’s talking about these trendy spots. Our Paris insiders share why they love these restaurants along with their tips for when to go and what to order.

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    Foodie’s Guide to Paris
    This 1-page PDF guide tells you exactly where to go and what to do in Paris if you want a true taste of the City of Light! Our resident foodies have turned their local insight into the ultimate checklist so you can learn about Parisian culinary culture, dine at the best bistros, and pick up gourmet gifts or souvenirs….

street food

Although the City of Light is known around the world for its impressive offer of gastronomic restaurants, locals know that there are also many amazing places to eat a good, quick meal. There’s no shortage of excellent street food restaurants in Paris serving great falafels, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, pad thai, or poke bowls, all perfect for a fast-but-tasty lunch or late night snack that won’t break the bank either.

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Fine dining

You can’t visit the capital of a country known for its cuisine without tasting some of its finest gastronomy. Whether to celebrate a special occasion, experience the height of French cuisine, or simply to be able to say you’ve eaten at one of the best restaurants in the world, these amazing restaurants offer exceptional food, impeccable service, and five-star settings. Here are our favorite restaurants for fine dining in Paris.

All Our Paris Restaurant Recommendations

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