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Passage du Grand Cerf

Parisian gallery Passage du Grand Cerf.

Passage du Grand Cerf

Beautiful Arcade in Paris

Passage du Grand Cerf, 75002 Paris

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Opened in 1825 on the site of the Hôtel du Grand Cerf which closed shortly after the French Revolution, this historic indoor gallery echoes the best of Parisian culture and history. Wandering through this beautiful covered passage, with its black and white tiled floors and splendid glass roof, feels like being transported through time.

In summer, the sunlight shines through the roof and illuminates the gallery with a golden glow. As well as being marvelous to gaze at, the Passage du Grand Cerf is home to a variety of charming boutiques selling all sorts of trinkets. Duck in one of the small shops and you’ll find everything from artisanal crafts, to high-end fashion at discounted prices, to handmade jewelry.

The Passage du Grand Cerf is the perfect secret place to fully immerse yourself in the Parisian lifestyle. In true flâneur fashion, you could spend hours wandering aimlessly through this spacious corridor. The passers-by, the hustle and bustle of small business owners, and the exquisite architecture come together to form a picturesque Parisian whole. Forget the tourist traps and cheap souvenir shops near the Trocadéro, this is definitely the best place to buy unique gifts to bring back to your loved ones!

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