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Inside Frenchie Rue du Nil
Photo via Instagram @frenchierudunil


Creative, Fresh French Cuisine

5 Rue du Nil, 75002 Paris

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I’ve been trying for a long time to get a reservation at Chef Grégory Marchand’s first Paris restaurant, Frenchie, opened in 2009. He and his team have earned a Michelin star for four consecutive years, so you know it’s going to be good.

I was first introduced to Chef Grégory’s restaurants by my friends Metin and Beliz Saruhanli, owners of the delicious Patisserie Arpège shop in Izmir, Turkey. I can’t thank them enough!

Metin discovered Frenchie to Go when he first moved to Paris to follow his own dreams, and it’s the first place he recommended to me when we moved to Paris. In the end, they were actually the ones who first took my wife and I to Frenchie to Go.

Bike outside of Frenchie to Go restaurant

The first time I went, for some reason I chose the Reuben sandwich. I believe it was my yearning for pastirma that drove me to the pastrami sandwich. Although they have similar names, they’re made from different cuts. I can’t say that it quite satisfied my pastirma craving, but the balance of cheddar cheese and beetroot coleslaw was perfect.

On later visits I also tried the pulled pork — slow cooked barbecue pork leg or shoulder. At Frenchie to Go (FTG for short), the menu is always changing, so you’re never sure to get the same options twice. And I can say that I really miss the lobster roll that’s no longer on the menu.

After months of attempts, we were finally able to get a reservation at Marchand’s flagship restaurant thanks to my wife’s determination. And boy was it worth the wait!

French restaurant and trader in Paris

Frenchie’s atmosphere is an exact reflection of the chef’s modest personality. Nothing is exaggerated in the decor; it’s a small space that’s simply but tastefully decorated. The lighting is neither too bright, nor puts you to sleep. Walls are bare with mirrors, grey tables, and black chairs. The staff is dressed in the same hues.

In general, it’s a very comfortable atmosphere. And the way the staff  treats you only reinforces this feeling. They are warm and frank; there’s no pretence.

For dinner, there’s a chef’s menu of five courses for 140€. If you’re one of those lucky people who can eat anything, you’ll make both the kitchen and the wait staff very happy.

And even if you’re not, you’re asked beforehand if you have any dietary restrictions or special needs.

Inside Paris restaurant Frenchie

The seasonal menu changes according to what ingredients are fresh available at the moment. As expected, the food is understated, but delicious.

Chef Grégory Marchand

Marchand had a tough start in life. After his mother’s death, he ended up in an orphanage. At 16, he began his culinary education and later worked at renowned restaurants in England. Inspired by Jamie Oliver, he opened his own restaurant, Frenchie. Moving to New York refined his cooking style, but he eventually returned to Paris with his wife.

In 2009, he launched his first restaurant, Frenchie, which quickly gained fame for its exceptional dishes and became a hot reservation in Paris. That’s when he changed the fate of Rue du Nil. Since then, he’s also opened a unique wine store called Frenchie Caviste and Frenchie Bar à Vin on the same street, where customers can enjoy small plates with exceptional wine.

Inside Frenchie Rue du Nil
Photo via Instagram @frenchierudunil

Along with Frenchie, his supplier Terroirs d’Avenir has also opened three stores on the same street to sell high-quality produce, fish, and meat.

The only thing missing from the Rue du Nil was a good coffee shop. That problem was solved in 2013 when L’Arbre à Café opened nearby!

Now, Chef Marchand can get find all his fresh ingredients on the same street. Personally, I think the street should be named after the chef — it doesn’t make much sense that this tiny street which is only 72 meters long is named after the longest river in Africa…

Chef Grégory Marchand, Frenchie. Photo by Géraldine Martens.
Photo via Instagram @frenchierudunil, by @geraldinemartens

Frenchie Pigalle

They’re continuing their journey by going beyond the Rue du Nil with a new Frenchie venture in Pigalle.

Frenchie Pigalle has large windows that fill the space with natural light, creating a cozy ambiance complemented by matching furniture colors. The menu, as always, revolves around fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Lunch offers a two-course set menu, while dinner features delightful shared plates.

Table and bar at Frenchie

After experimenting with different opening hours in 2022, Frenchie Pigalle is once again open for lunch on weekdays this year. I bring up the issue of opening and closing times because I do have one complaint: Frenchie Bar à Vin should consider implementing a reservation system for tables outside their premises.

While I appreciate their previous decision not to offer online reservations, it’s not ideal to make customers wait forever for a bar table. Even if they write down your name on a piece of paper, they won’t contact you and simply ask you to return later.

Urbansider Tip

So, my advice is to make your reservations online on the official Frenchie website for Frenchie Rue du Nil or Frenchie Pigalle. That way you won’t be end up waiting for a table at the Frenchie Bar à Vin.

Finally, allow yourself to indulge in the creative yet simple, colorful, delicious, gourmet dishes from Marchand’s kitchens. Bon appétit in advance!

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Pigalle, Sentier
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5 Rue du Nil, 75002 Paris
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Mon-Fri: 18:30-22:30. Closed Sat-Sun.