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Aux Petits Oignons

French bistro tables and chairs
Photo courtesy Aux Petits Oignons

Aux Petits Oignons

A Paris Neighborhood Bistro Par Excellence

11 Rue Dupont de l’Eure, 75020 Paris

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Just across from metro station Pelleport lies a quiet residential road. There’s not much to see down this street, with the exception of an inviting red awning that catches your eye. As you approach, you realize it belongs to a small, unassuming bistro. Stop and go inside for a wonderful surprise.

This picturesque little neighborhood restaurant is as authentically Parisian as they come. A zinc bar welcomes you, crammed with locals drinking their petits noirs during the week, or waiting for a table to become free on the weekends.

Typical Paris bistro for coffee or lunch
Aux Petits Oignons is everything you could want from a typical French zinc.
Photo via Facebook @auxpetitsoignons.

The Paris bistro‘s décor mixes classic and quirky. A black and white tile floor and warm wooden tables and chairs are surrounded by old-fashioned posters and a strange pink pig’s tail hangs from the ceiling — maybe hinting at a former life of the restaurant as a boucherie? A little peephole reveals a busy chef, and two servers are stopping to greet everybody.

The smells wafting around are gorgeous. Before I even look at the menu — written on an ardoise, or blackboard — I already know what I’m having: some of whatever my neighbor’s having, and another one of those, over there.

I end up with a starter of mini ravioli in a truffle sauce, soupy and so flavorsome that I use all my bread to make sure not a drop is left in the dish. This is followed by a faux filet de veau with fresh cèpes, mushrooms, and risotto. Utter perfection. 

Faux filet at typical Parisian restaurant Aux Petits Oignons
The delicious Faux Filet at Aux Petits Oignons. Photo Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey.

When I think I can’t eat anymore, my neighbor orders the Café Gourmand, a selection of sweets served with coffee. Who can resist?

Aux Petits Oignons was a chance find but is now already a firm favorite. A comfortable, classically Parisian restaurant where you hear only French all around you, everybody seems to know each other, and the food and atmosphere are perfect. I’m ready for my next Sunday lunch here. Can’t wait to see what the specials are this time!

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Métro Ⓜ
11 Rue Dupont de l’Eure, 75020 Paris
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Opening Hours
Mon-Sun: 11:00-15:00; 18:00-22:00.

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