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The Must-See Places in Paris


Of course you have to see the main tourist attractions in Paris — can you really say you’ve been here if you haven’t seen the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa, and the Champs-Elysées? — but the City of Light offers so much beyond its many famous monuments. We locals love the unexpected gems hiding all over town, from the little-known museums and historic cathedrals to the picturesque parks and secret city squares. We’re sharing the must-see places in Paris according to locals, letting you in on the spots only Parisians know and telling you which top tourist destinations are actually worth visiting.

Monuments & Museums

A cultural capital of the world, the City of Paris has over 120 museums and some 2000 monuments, several internationally-renowned like the Louvre and Sacré Coeur, but many more under the radar. Indeed, the French capital is so full of history, art, and architecture that it can be difficult to decide which places to visit. That’s why we’re sharing our Paris sightseeing highlights, including everything from the most famous monuments to the best small museums in Paris.

  • 5 Things Not To Miss at the Musée d’Orsay
    The Orsay Museum in Paris is one of the city’s most famous, known for its collection of Impressionist artworks and its beautiful Belle Epoque architecture. There’s so much to see, but here are the details you definitely don’t want to miss.
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    Planning Assistance Session
    You already know more or less what you’d like to do while in Paris, but wouldn’t you love to get some personalized planning assistance from a local? To make sure you have the best trip possible and to ease any initial concerns or answer any questions, chat with us during a one-time phone or Skype…
  • Experiences, Guided Tours
    Walk Through History in Le Marais
    Follow local guides Frederic and Nikki of TheWaysBeyond through the city squares and alleyways of Le Marais as you retrace the history of this iconic Parisian neighborhood. If many today consider Le Marais a must-see on any trip to Paris, it wasn’t always that way. In fact, in the early 20th cent…
  • Experiences, Guided Tours
    Street Art Tour of Beaubourg
    How about a giant scavenger hunt in the streets of Paris, seeking out and learning about street art along the way? Both kids and adults are sure to enjoy this unexpected art tour, and remember this great family time for years to come!
  • Our Top 5 Best Small Museums in Paris
    We don’t have to tell you that Paris is home to several world-famous art museums. But did you know that the city boasts more than 150 museums, most flying under the radar? If you love art but don’t love crowds, here are our picks for the must-see small art museums in Paris.
  • Experiences, Guided Tours
    Love Stories at the Louvre
    Love is a universal feeling, but the ways of living it and representing it have changed over time and across civilizations. During this guided tour of the Louvre, professional local guides Emmanuelle, Marie, and Marie-Amandine of Ma-tisse invite you to discover some of the museum’s masterpieces d…
  • Experiences, Guided Tours
    See the Sights Along the Seine
    Spend a leisurely morning like a true Parisian! Your local guide Sophie will meet you for a sightseeing stroll along the Seine, telling you tales of Paris past as you make your way east to explore a historic area before ending at a popular fresh food market just in time for lunch!

Gardens & Parks

Sure, there’s tons of things to do in Paris, but it doesn’t get much better than doing nothing on a sunny afternoon in one of the city’s stunning parks and gardens. Spread across all of the arrondissements, these green spaces make the perfect place to get a break from the sounds and stress of city life. Whether you’re eager to visit one of Paris’s most popular gardens or are aiming to discover a hidden gem, here’s where to head.

  • Experiences, Guided Tours
    Discover a Greener Side of Paris
    Let locals Frederic and Nikki of TheWaysBeyond guide you through the small streets off the Canal Saint-Martin and introduce you to some of the most exciting actors and addresses on Paris’s eco-conscious scene. The Canal Saint Martin neighborhood has always attracted an eclectic crowd, …
  • Our Top 7 Best Parks in Paris
    When the sun’s shining and the weather’s warm, there’s nothing better than spending the day in one of Paris’s many parks. If you’re looking for family favorites, classic Paris vibes, or a bit of countryside in the capital city, we’re helping you pick the best park to visit.
  • Travel Services, Vacation Packages
    Paris-Champagne Vacation Package
    Specialized boutique travel agency The French Travel will prepare a 6-day, 5-night trip for you, including everything you need to explore the capital city and the Champagne region of France in an effortless and authentic way. Upon your arrival in Paris, a chauffeur will pick you up at the …
  • The 8 Best Places To See Cherry Blossoms in Paris
    If you’ve never been to Paris in the spring, you might not know that the City of Light turns pink every March-April thanks to blooming cherry trees and magnolias. Here are our suggestions for the best places to admire the pretty blossoms while in Paris.
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    Tailor-Made Trip to Paris
    Whether it’s your first or fifth time to the City of Light, let Travel Light Paris work with you to tailor-make the best possible experience.
  • Our Top 5 Best Places for Fall Colors in Paris
    Besides the buzzing cultural calendar, maybe the best thing about Paris in the fall is that the city turns the most gorgeous shades of red, yellow, and orange. If you’re on the hunt for picture-perfect (or Instagram-worthy) autumn vibes, these are the five places you’ll find the best fall foliage…

Art Galleries & Exhibitions

Paris may be known for its amazing, best-in-the-world art museums (the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Centre Pompidou, Musée Picasso, and the list goes on…) but the City of Light is also home to many exceptional galleries and exhibition spaces. To discover up-and-coming artists, contemplate contemporary artworks, and immerse yourself in intriguing international art shows, these are the best places to visit.

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Streets of Paris

With so many museums, monuments, parks, and gardens to see, it’s easy to forget all the surprises the Paris streets have in store. Nearly every corner offers something worth stopping and admiring: street art, centuries-old bridges, charming covered passages, quiet city squares, and perfect photo opportunities. Here are our favorite places to visit in Paris when wandering les rues.

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