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The Best Cafés & Bars in Paris

Parisians’ Favorite Places For A Drink

Whether you’re thirsty for an espresso, a beer, a glass of wine, or a craft cocktail, we know where to find the best drinks in Paris. Our Urbansiders let you in on local favorites, from hip hidden bars to the French café terraces you won’t want to miss when in the capital city.

French Cafés

Café culture is a huge part of life in the City of Light. We Parisians spend a lot of time in these iconic establishments, people watching while slowly sipping a coffee on the terrace or enjoying an afterwork drink with friends, so we know all the best places to go. Some of the city’s most famous cafés shouldn’t be missed, including Les Deux Magots and the Café de Flore, but most of our favorites are lesser-known places that visitors rarely discover. Here are our local picks for the best French cafés in Paris.

  • Experiences, Gastronomic Experiences, Guided Tours
    Pastry Tour of Le Marais
    Le Marais is arguably the hippest neighborhood in Paris. While some may say that there are too many fashionistas, bobos, and tourists in the area, the charming cobblestone streets and vibrant atmosphere just can’t be beat. But Le Marais isn’t just about appearances. Local guides Nikki and Frederi…
  • Experiences, Gastronomic Experiences
    Market To Table Tour & Cooking Class
    Join American expat chef and cook book author Alisa of Sweet Pea Paris, for an authentically Parisian experience. You’ll start your adventure by following Alisa to one of Paris’s best marchés (fresh food markets), where you’ll tour the stalls, meet the merchants, discover local products, a…
  • Experiences, Gastronomic Experiences
    French Caviar Tasting
    The caviar you are about to discover is produced in the Dordogne region to the rhythms of the seasons and the life of sturgeons. This product of excellence, based on the valorization of unique terroir and innovative production techniques, is the reflection of impeccable standards. Research innova…
  • Experiences, Gastronomic Experiences
    French Wine Tasting in Paris
    This is the main session of Wine Tasting in Paris.  It will take you on a road trip straight into the heart of French wine country. This tasting is perfect if you want to have a broader understanding and a global view of French wines. A veritable feast of wines will be awaiting you at each sto…
  • Experiences, Gastronomic Experiences
    Wine & Cheese Pairing
    This experience is an excellent opportunity for people who want to have a light introduction to French wines and discover how to pair them perfectly with French cheeses. You’ll get all the basic information you need to know about wine in France, including proper terminology, proper wine ta…
  • Experiences, Gastronomic Experiences
    Champagne & Choux Baking Class
    Pâte à Choux or Choux pastry dough is what is used in making so many sexy French treats… Éclairs, Gougères (savory cheese puffs), Choux Salé, Chouquettes, Profiteroles (sweet cream puffs), Saint Honoré-Piece Monté (aka Croquembouche)…
  • Experiences, Gastronomic Experiences
    Café Gourmand Cooking Class
    This baking class is all about exploring the thoroughly brilliant Parisian concoction – Le Café Gourmand – a wonderful coupling of a good Espresso, a pousse-café* and miniature versions of four or five French pastries. It’s a small, extravagant luxury – go on, treat yourself! *Pousse-café – a li…

Cocktail Bars

We’ve done the taste-testing for you and these Parisian masters of mixology make the most delicious drinks in the City of Light. Whether you’re a connoisseur of gin, rum, or mezcal, or if you’re looking to try something new, you’re sure to enjoy a night out at these top Paris cocktail bars.

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    Le Nemours Print
    Few Parisian cafés can boast such prime people-watching as Le Nemours. Located just across from the Metro Palais-Royal, steps away from the Louvre and not far from the Comédie-Française, Le Nemours offers the vantage point parfait for absorbing the beauty of daily Parisian life in the lovely 1st …
  • Decoration
    Café de Flore Print
    Café de Flore print from Anthony Tambourini The Café de Flore is one of two legendary cafés in the Saint-Germain neighborhood (the other being its rival, Les Deux Magots, just across the street). As one of the oldest cafés in Paris, it was a favorite haunt of writers, philosophers, and artists l…
  • Bookshop, Decoration, Travel
    Paris Postcards – Café Collection
    Paris postcards from Anthony Tambourini The café culture in Paris is one of our favorite things about life in the city, and we’re guessing it’s part of why you love Paris too. This set of 5 postcards featuring original illustrations of the iconic Café de Flore, Les Deux Magots, Le Café Marly,…
  • Decoration
    Café Marly Print
    Tucked under the arcades of the Louvre, Café Marly offers the perfect place to sit and slowly sip an espresso or chocolat chaud. With a view of the Louvre, you’re also served some exceptional people-watching. The height of that wonderful Paris café culture. Printed on high grain, high-quality …
  • Decoration
    Les Deux Magots Print
    With its iconic green and white awning, Les Deux Magots is renowned for being the café littéraire where great minds like Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, and Albert Camus once gathered. Its terrace was a favorite of American expatriates aussi, including Julia Child and James Baldwin. Aujourd…

Wine Bars

Searching for the best place to go in Paris for a good glass of rouge, blanc, or rosé? These wine bars give you that authentic French wine experience. Many of our personal favorites are actually caves à vin, a type of wine shop selling bottles to go and letting you drink glasses sur place too. That way, when you find a wine you love, you can get some to take home with you! Here are our picks for the best Parisian wine bars.

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Coffee Shops

Oui, those charming Parisian cafés serve coffee, but sometimes you’re in the mood for a cozy, quiet spot to sip a Flat White rather than a bustling street corner terrace serving tight shots of espresso. These are our picks for the best coffee shops in Paris, the perfect place to meet a friend for a latte, curl up with a hot drink and a good book, or get your caffeine fix while working on your laptop.

All Our Favorite Places to Have a Drink in Paris