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Yves Saint Laurent Museum

Paris museum Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent Museum

A Step into the Designer’s Paris Studio

5 Avenue Marceau, 75116 Paris

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Yves Saint Laurent was one of Paris’s greatest fashion icons. Where better to catch a glimpse of his visionary world than by entering the exact space where he outfitted elegant Parisians?

Discreetly located along Avenue Marceau in the stylish 16th Arrondissement, the 19th-century mansion where Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé worked from 1974 to 2002 opened as the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in October 2017.

Photos of Yves Saint Laurent’s pieces worn by models and celebrities hang on the walls, complimenting his design sketches. Not an avid traveler but a fan of faraway lands, many of Saint Laurent’s works were inspired by his journeys to Morocco, and by the cultures of sub-Saharan Africa, Russia, Spain, and Asia. He also drew inspiration from artists such as Mondrian and Picasso.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris
Yves Saint Laurent Museum, Photo Kasia Dietz

Elegant dresses and suits for which the designer was known fill the rooms on the first floor of the mansion-turned-museum, with one room dedicated solely to his awe-inspiring collections of jewelry. And the glamour never ends, as exhibitions change three to four times per year.

On the second floor, Yves Saint Laurent’s workspace awaits. Shelves overflow with books, and rolls of fabric line the walls. Personal items crowd his desk while photographs and sketches of friends and clients take up the surrounding wall space, making it appear as though the designer just stepped away.

Yves Saint Laurent Studio in Paris
Yves Saint Laurent Museum, Photo Kasia Dietz

Walking through the museum, Yves Saint Laurent’s talent for dressing a woman timelessly becomes very clear. Many of the haute couture ensembles on display could easily be worn today, bringing to mind one of his famous quotes: “Fashion fades, style is eternal.”


Entry is 10€ for adults, 7€ for students and children 10-18, free for children under 10.

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