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The 20th Arrondissement
At the eastern end of town, the Belleville-Ménilmontant neighborhood is among the most popular and lively in the city. One of the most affordable parts of Paris, the 20th Arrondissement is a vibrant, diverse, and laid-back area with many unique boutiques, outdoor markets, and hip bars along the main avenues. The bustling boulevards around Belleville are covered with street art, but the neighborhood has a quieter, calmer side too. The Parc de Belleville offers stunning sunset views of Paris, and you can visit the tombs of Chopin, Oscar Wilde, or Jim Morrison at the lovely Père Lachaise cemetery.

The Must-Sees Near Belleville

  • Sunset over Paris with Eiffel Tower.

    Catch a sunset at the Parc de Belleville for great views of Paris

  • La Vie est Belle a Belleville street art in the 20th Arrondissement.

    Hunt for street art in the streets of Belleville – artists are often painting on Rue Denoyez

  • Church in Ménilmontant, Notre Dame de la Croix.

    Admire the impressive Notre-Dame-de-la-Croix cathedral in Ménilmontant

  • Large mausoleum at Paris cemetery Père Lachaise

    Stroll through the Père Lachaise Cemetery and search for Jim Morrison’s grave

The Best Restaurants in Belleville


Belleville is a melting pot of cultures and flavors, making it a must-visit for any food enthusiast. From cozy cafés to bustling bistros, this area offers an eclectic mix of culinary delights that reflect its diverse community. Whether you’re craving authentic Chinese food, sumptuous French cuisine, or something in between, Belleville’s best restaurants are worth exploring.

The Best Bars & Cafés in Belleville


When it comes to bars and cafes, the 20th Arrondissement is a hidden gem. offering an atmosphere you can’t find anywhere else in the city. This eclectic neighborhood boasts trendy bars with panoramic views as well as quaint, artsy cafés where locals spend hours over a cup of coffee. Each spot tells a story, set against a backdrop of vibrant street art and a cool mix of cultures.

The Best Shops in Belleville


From street markets with local goods to quirky vintage stores, Belleville is the perfect place to find something truly special. Whether you’re on the hunt for one-of-a-kind gifts or gourmet foods, the shops in district don’t not disappoint.

The Best Ways To Relax Around Belleville


Discover our favorite places to relax and have fun in Belleville, a neighborhood known for its laid-back atmosphere and diverse entertainment options. Whether you’re in the mood for quiet moments or lively evenings, there are plenty of places to let your hair down in this ‘hood.

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Map of Belleville

Discover the district with our bird’s-eye-view map
Map of the Belleville neighborhood in Paris

The 20th arrondissement is split into three neighborhoods: Belleville, Ménilmontant, and Gambetta/Père Lachaise.

Main metro stations in the 20th Arrondissement:

  • Belleville (Lines 2, 11)
  • Ménilmontant (Line 2)
  • Père Lachaise (Lines 2, 3)
  • Gambetta (Lines 3, 3bis)
Portrait of Urbansider Paris blogger Alesa

Life in the Neighborhood

By alesa

“It was a lovely spring evening and some friends from the US were in town, passing through Paris just for a night. We met up at a brasserie in Ménilmontant, L’Entrepot’s on the animated Rue Sorbier, and sat outside on the terrace catching up over some delicious Belgian beer. Midnight came and went, and so did the last metro. We were having too good of a time to leave and decided we’d take a velib’ whenever we were ready to go.

When the bar closed up around 2am, we headed to a nearby velib’ station and each hopped on one of the public bikes. My friends were staying in an apartment somewhere near Nation and didn’t know Paris that well, so I accompanied them even though I lived nearby. The Rue de Menilmontant is pretty steep, but we were near the top, so we flew down on our bikes, hair in the wind, all smiles on the empty streets. It felt like we had the city all to ourselves.”