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The 1st & 8th Arrondissements
This central, monument-filled district of Paris could be called “the royal neighborhood,” as nearly all its landmarks bear the sign of the Ancien Regime. Built under Louis XIV, The Louvre Palace now houses the world’s most-visited museum, featuring da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa, stunning Egyptian antiquities, and a rich collection of paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts. It’s also home to the beautiful Tuileries Gardens and the luxurious Place Vendôme.

The Must-Sees Near Louvre

  • View of the Louvre façade and pyramid.

    Le Louvre is, of course, the totally unmissable must-see of this Parisian neighborhood

  • Rue de Rivoli

    Walk under the arcades along Rue de Rivoli down to the Place de la Concorde and stop at Angelina for a hot chocolate

  • Vendôme column

    Celebrate being in Paris by jewelry shopping at the Place Vendôme and then pop into the Ritz Paris for a glass of champagne

  • Couple sitting in green chairs in Paris's Tuileries Gardens

    Stroll the tree-lined alleys of the Tuileries Gardens and relax in the iconic green chairs by the ponds

  • Palais Royal columns

    Spend a Sunday afternoon in the beautiful courtyard of the Palais Royal and get a glimpse into Parisian family life

The Best Restaurants Near the Louvre


The area around the Louvre offers dining options that are as rich and varied as the museum’s collections. From classic bistros serving up quality French cuisine to trendy spots offering international flavors, these are the places we recommend eating near the Louvre.

The Best Spots To Relax Near the Louvre


Amidst the buzz of Paris’s cultural heart, you’ll also find a few places to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy Rue Rivoli. Unwind with a luxurious spa treatment, immerse yourself in the magic of Parisian theater, and more, in these relaxing and entertaining oases near the Louvre Museum.

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Louvre Neighborhood Map

Discover the district with our bird’s-eye-view map
Paris map showing location of the Louvre neighborhood

With corners at the Louvre and Palais Royal on the east and the Place de la Concorde and La Madeleine church on the west, this district makes a small rectangle extending into the 1st and 8th Arrondissements.

Main metro stations near the Louvre:

  • Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre (Lines 1, 7)
  • Concorde (Lines 1, 8, 12)
  • Madeleine (Lines 8, 12, 14)
Portrait of Urbansider Paris author Vincent

Life in the Neighborhood

By Vincent

“This is arguably the most beautiful neighborhood in Paris, and I’m not just saying this because I’m lucky enough to live here. Or at least, it’s the one which boasts the most impressive list of grandiose monuments and iconic places in the capital: Le Louvre, Palais Royal, Place Vendôme, Rue Saint Honoré, La Concorde, Les Tuileries, La Madeleine…

Some ask if it feels like living in a museum, or on a movie set. It does sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that the area’s impersonal or cold. Quite the contrary, actually. Beneath the surface, there’s a real neighborhood life, a vie de quartier as we call it, with a food market on the Place du Marché Saint Honoré on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and lots of cafés and little bistros around where you can sit on a terrace and relax as you watch the bustling life.

Going down the Rue des Petits Champs towards Place des Victoires, you’ll cross Rue Saint Anne, known for its Japanese restaurants and delicious Ramen joints. And apart from Palais Royal, I particularly like the Galerie Vero-Dodat. It isn’t as famous as the Galerie Vivienne but it’s just as nice for an elegant shopping trip. And ladies, the holy grail of luxury shoes, the Chrisitan Louboutin boutique, is just there at the end of the gallery!

Now, if you ask me what my favorite spot is in my neighborhood, without hesitation I’d say the Tuileries Gardens! I couldn’t think of a better place for my (almost) daily jogs than in this park where the sun rises over the Louvre in the morning and dusk offers terrific sunsets over the Place de la Concorde and behind the Eiffel Tower in the distance.”