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The 12th Arrondissement
Going from the Gare de Lyon and extending east to the city limits, this Right Bank neighborhood is a (mostly) calm corner of Paris. Although it’s home to the Ministry for the Economy and Finance, the area isn’t all business, with one of Paris’s main concert venues and the Cinémathèque Française residing here as well. Behind the Bercy Park, the Bercy Village offers good shopping in a quaint environment. Further north, the elevated park La Coulée Verte leads you on a relaxing, greenery-filled walk back to Bastille or out to Vincennes.

The Must-Sees Near Bercy

  • Bercy Village outdoor shopping center in Paris.

    Do some shopping in the Bercy Village, a cute open-air shopping center full of great boutiques, bars, and restaurants

  • Paris High Line passing between buildings

    Stroll along the Promenade Plantée, also known as the Coulée Verte, an elevated park light the High Line in New York

  • Historical carousel in the small Paris museum of fairground arts.

    Visit the Musée des Arts Forains, the Fairground Museums, where you can ride a pedal-powered carousel

  • The little-known Bercy Gardens in Paris.

    Pause for a picnic in a secluded, flowery spot in the Parc de Bercy

The Best Bars & Cafés in Bercy

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Map of Bercy

Discover the district with our bird’s-eye-view map
Map of the Bercy neighborhood in Paris

This area in the 12th Arrondissement may be a small slice inside the city walls, but out past le Périph (the beltway around Paris), it opens up into the spacious Bois de Vincennes.

Main metro stations in the Bercy neighborhood:

  • Gare de Lyon (Lines 1, 14)
  • Bercy (Lines 6, 14)
  • Cour St-Émilion (Line 14)
  • Daumesnil (Lines 6, 8)
  • Château de Vincennes (Line 1)


Life in the Neighborhood

By Andrea

“My calm corner of the 12th Arrondissement has now come to fully embody the meaning of the word ‘home’. I see it as a respite from more popular locations in the city that perpetually whir with a flurry of activity at all times. (But don’t let the calm fool you, with easy access to buses, metro lines 6 & 8, and the T3a tramline, you can easily access the trendy spots in this Paris district).

My life here centers around the metro stop Daumesnil (henceforth known as ‘my’ métro — I’ve clearly become a little possessive), accented by the grandiose lion fountain that, fun fact, was originally placed in Place de la République. If you walk southeast down Avenue Daumesnil from my metro, you’ll find yourself at the entrance to the Bois de Vincennes, an immense forest filled with lakes, trails, wildlife and the castle that once controlled this wood. My fiancé and I have made many memories here going on long walks, challenging runs, or stopping to have a picnic lunch in the sun.

If you take the opposite direction on Avenue Daumesnil (northwesterly), the atmosphere shifts, eventually giving way to the chic Viaduc des Arts.  Take a moment to look up and you’ll see a section of the Promenade Plantée, a raised walking path (previously a railroad line) that extends from Porte Dorée to Bastille and makes for a lovely leisurely Sunday stroll.”