Perfume bottles at Liquides Parisian fragrance bar.
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Parisian Perfume Bar

  • 9 Rue de Normandie ,
  • 75003 Paris

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If you’re looking for a new signature scent, I have just the Parisian spot. Hidden in the Haut Marais in-between fashion boutiques is a bar, but not the type you’re used to. Rather than telling the barman what tastes you like, select your favorite smells and he’ll offer you a selection of top-notch fragrances from Paris and beyond. Yes, it’s a perfume bar! This sensory experience will leave you intoxicated on luxurious bespoke scents from the country that creates them. With dozens of independent labels from Parfums de Marly to Pour Toujours, you won’t leave until the barista has found your perfect scent.

You’ll spend the rest of your days walking around the Parisian streets in a scent uniquely your own!

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  • 9 Rue de Normandie ,
  • 75003 Paris

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