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Le Louxor

Egyptian art deco style auditorium of Louxor movie theater in Paris.

Le Louxor

Egyptian Art Deco Movie Theater

170 Boulevard de Magenta, 75010 Paris

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Rising up on the corner of the Boulevard de la Chapelle and Boulevard de Magenta, just opposite the Barbès-Rochechouart metro station, this eye-catching movie theater stands out from the rest of this grittier neighborhood. An art deco ode to the Egyptian esthetic, the turquoise, peach, and gold mosaics make it immediately clear that this place is un peu particulier.

Originally opened in 1921, the three-story Palais du cinéma is much more than your standard spot to catch a flick.

Perhaps more so than the films à l’affiche, the main attraction of this movie theater is undeniably its spectacular Salle Youssef Chahine, an auditorium restored to its Roaring Twenties’ glory back in the early 2010s. The 342-seat salle is impressive with its double balcony and beautiful ceiling, even if the walls are decorated with somewhat kitsch Egyptian motifs.

Historic art deco auditorium of the Louxor movie theater in Paris.
Salle Youssef Chahine of Le Louxor, Photo by LeKorbo

It’s like watching a movie in a time capsule, and the fact that they show classic movies as part of their Sunday morning ciné club only adds to the back-in-time feeling. It’s definitely worth waking up a little early for if you love old films, and speak French. And if you’re lucky enough to be in town for one of their ciné concerts, you can enjoy the setting in an even more charming, old-fashioned way as live musicians play along with the movie.

Below the historic auditorium, in the basement of the theater, you’ll find two more screens, both much more modern and offering a more typical movie-going experience. You can catch the latest films in V.O.S.T. (version originale sous-titrée, meaning not dubbed and with French subtitles) as well as kid’s movies.

Upstairs, on the second floor, you’ll find an exhibition space and an art deco café-club with a small bar and patio offering views of Montmartre. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a drink avant or après your show, and a great way to make a whole evening of going to the movies!

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Métro Ⓜ
Barbès – Rochechouart
170 Boulevard de Magenta, 75010 Paris
Opening Hours
Mon-Sun: 11:00-23:45

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