La Rotonde de la Muette

Blue Bistrot with a Great Terrace

From the rounded awning above the entrance to the charming bistrot tables on the terrace, beautiful blues are all over this classy but comfy restaurant.

  • 12 Chaussée de la Muette ,
  • 75016 Paris

I have a confession to make. I am drawn to anything blue. Give me any shade of blue or turquoise, whether on clothing, buildings, or home décor, and I’m yours. And so it was that I found myself having lunch on the terrace of La Rotonde de la Muette the other day. Again.

The blue, rounded corner of the entrance, the blue and gold bistro tables, and the blue blankets ready to snuggle into if you want to sit on the terrace on a chilly winter day, are all hard to resist. Initially sitting down for a very good coffee and fresh-squeezed orange juice, lunchtime came and I didn’t want to leave. So I had a rather scrumptious (and gigantic) salad, whilst my coffee (and then lunch) partner had the seasonal vegetable curry.

The draw of La Rotonde is, apart from all things blue, the location. Opposite La Gare and on the corner of the lovely Jardin de Ranelagh, life here is sedate and elegant, but bustling enough to enjoy being part of local life. There are always lots of well-dressed school children walking by with their oh-so-chic mothers (or more relaxed nannies), plenty of dogs being taken for walks in the park, and people ambling past looking for a spot to sit and relax.

Being an advocate of terrace-sitting, I prefer to sit outside in the day time, for coffee or lunch. It’s just too tempting to watch Paris life unfolding in front of you, regardless of the weather. But in the evening, inside La Rotonde is just as good. Chic and traditional décor, great food, and interesting fellow diners make this one of my favorite places return to.

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Drawing of Paris café terrace La Rotonde by artist Anthony Tambourini
Anthony Tambourini, La Rotonde de la Muette

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  • La Muette
  • 12 Chaussée de la Muette ,
  • 75016 Paris
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Mon-Sun: 07:00-00:00

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