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‘Oh My God, She’s Parisian’ Comedy Show

Oh My God She's Parisian English comedy show in Paris by Julie Collas.
© Julie Collas

‘Oh My God, She’s Parisian’ Comedy Show

A Parisienne Poking Fun in English

19 Boulevard Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris

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All Parisians have a croissant for breakfast. Every day. All Parisians are bad drivers. Paris is sooo romantic. Parisian waiters are rude. You experience unmentionable things in the metro. All Parisiennes are thin.

Such are the clichés that circulate about Paris and its people, and such are the topics tackled by Julie Collas every weekend in her one-woman comedy show Oh My God She’s Parisian at the tiny Théâtre Bo Saint-Martin just off the Place de la République.

Julie certainly looks like the quintessential Parisienne: skinny, pretty, dressed in a Marinière t-shirt, and even, initially, a beret. In endearingly accented English, she tells the audience — all 70 of us — about her life in Paris in a funny, risqué manner, riddled with typically French expletives and not even thinking about being politically correct. The Gilets Jaunes get it, President Macron, President Trump, Starbucks, the list goes on…

She's Parisian Julie Collas
Photo © Julie Collas

It’s an hour of laughing at silly stereotypes, at true Parisian life, and at ourselves. The audience is full of visitors from India, Australia, UK, Germany, and many more, but also a few French people. Julie jokingly tests her compatriates’ level of English to ensure they’ll understand her show — it’s well-known that les Français aren’t generally the best at speaking English…

The show promises plenty of laughter, even for those who know Paris well. Light-hearted, politically incorrect, and spot on, it’s a breath of fresh air and a fun way to start the weekend, just before popping over to the neighboring Haut Marais district for for dinner.

Performances of Oh My God She’s Parisian take place every Friday and Saturday evening through July 13, 2024, with tickets starting at 28€. The show has proven very popular, so best reserve your tickets well ahead of time.

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19 Boulevard Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris
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Fri & Sat: 19:30 or 20:00

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