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Le Renard Bar

Bright and airy cocktail bar tables and chairs.
Photo © Animaux Bars

Le Renard Bar

Foxy Fixture for Delicious & Affordable Drinks

38 Rue de Sambre et Meuse, 75010 Paris

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Delicious and inexpensive cocktails in a pretty décor, on one of the most charming (and Insta-friendly) city squares in Paris. What else can you ask for from a Parisian cocktail bar?

Le Renard (The Fox) is the missing link in between the pub next door where you can drink for cheap and laugh all night with your friends, and the trendy cocktail bar where you go to show off and slowly sip on your 17€ concoction.

Everything is cute here, from the location — the very colorful place Sainte Marthe — to the fox wallpaper and the dried flowers bouquets on the tables, but the atmosphere is definitely festive. Everyone seems to be in a good mood: the very skilled bartenders are focused but friendly, and the place quickly fills with a mixed crowd of hipster students and thirty-something bobos. You can find co-workers enjoying an after-work as well as groups of friends getting ready for a crazy night out.

Beware though, they’re as clever as a fox at Le Renard. The cocktails are delicious, they look lovely, and are very cheap (6€ before 9 pm, 8€ afterwards). There is a list of house specialities which funny names makes you wanna test them all… This is definitely the best formula to get really drunk really quick!

But don’t get too carried away, and drink responsibly, s’il vous plaît!

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Belleville, Canal Saint-Martin
Métro Ⓜ
Colonel Fabien, Belleville
38 Rue de Sambre et Meuse, 75010 Paris
Opening Hours
Mon-Tues: 18:00-01:00. Wed-Sun: 18:00-02:00


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