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Fan of Fashion’s Guide to Paris

This 1-page PDF guide tells you exactly what to see and do in Paris if you have a passion for fashion! Our resident fashionistas have turned their local insight into the ultimate Paris checklist so you can learn about Parisian style, discover designers and, of course, shop till you drop. It also includes a link to an interactive map with more than 30 can’t-miss places in Paris for fashion lovers.


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1-page PDF containing travel tips and a checklist of places to visit in Paris for fashion lovers. PDF also includes link to an interactive map with over 30 pins showing you favorite fashion museums, Paris’s iconic department stores, the best small boutiques, and even some options for stylish drinks or dinner.

Download the guide to keep on your computer, tablet, or phone, or print it out and tick off the places you visit!

*Clipboard, notebook, and smartphone not included


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