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La Sainte-Chapelle

Stained glass windows of the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris.

La Sainte-Chapelle

Paris’s Other Gothic Jewel

10 Boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris

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Believe it or not, Notre Dame may not be the most beautiful church on Paris’s Ile de la Cité. Many would argue that honor should go to the lesser-known, slightly hidden Sainte-Chapelle for its extraordinary stained glass windows.

Unlike Notre Dame, visiting the royal chapel requires a ticket, but boy is it worth it. This monument is a pure wonder!

Built between 1241 and 1248 on the orders of Louis IX, La Sainte-Chapelle was constructed to house the pious king’s collection of Christian relics, including Jesus’s Crown of Thorns and a fragment of the True Cross. Although the religious artifacts have since been moved to the reliquary of Notre Dame, there’s still plenty to see in this medieval Parisian jewel.

When you first walk into La Sainte-Chapelle, it might not seem like much. But go upstairs and you’ll find yourself standing in a masterpiece of Rayonnant Gothic architecture.

Inside the upper chapel of La Sainte-Chapelle.

A kaleidoscope of colors fills the upper chapel thanks to its 6400 square feet of magnificent stained glass windows, two-thirds of which are original. It’s one of the most complete and remarkable sets of 13th-century stained glass in the world.

And if you’re lucky enough to catch a sunbeam while you’re there… well, it’s absolutely dazzling!

The spectacular beauty of this Paris church is no secret, and there’s often a long line to enter. To avoid the crowds, try to visit during the work week and purchase your ticket online ahead of time.

Or, better yet, if you’re planning to visit the Conciergerie next door, buy a joint Conciergerie + Sainte-Chapelle ticket and save 6€!

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