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Cheese and France are pretty synonymous, but it wasn’t always that way. Androuet opened in 1909 because Henri Androuët wanted Parisians to discover cheeses from all regions of France.

Dissatisfied with the selection available, he traveled throughout France to visit producers and bring new cheeses to his shop. Soon, Androuet not only had the best variety of cheeses in Paris, but he also had a deep understanding of each cheese, where it was made, and who produced it. 

As a type of marketing and to familiarize customers with the French terroirs, Androuet created “cheese calendars” that listed over 100 types of cheese, their names, and period of maturity. By the mid-1920’s Androuet had achieved such a following that he opened a tasting cellar to accompany the cheeses. Everyone wanted to visit Androuet from Colette to Maria Callas and Ernest Hemingway.

French cheeses on display in Androuet's Paris cheese shop
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Henri’s son Pierre continued to expand the family business and in 1934 added a gourmet restaurant above the shop. Like his father, Pierre traveled throughout France to meet producers and find new cheeses. Pierre also expanded the cellars in order to perfect the curing and aging process that Androuet is known for. 

In 2020 Androuet was awarded the EPV “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label in recognition of their excellent artisanal savoir-faire. Androuet is the only cheese maker to have this label and other companies with this honor include Pierre Hermé, Petroissian, Hermès, and Baccarat, so you know it’s a big deal. It is undeniably one of the best cheese shops in Paris.

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Inside the fromagerie, the cheeses are labeled with the region (or country) in which they’re produced, the type of milk used, and often a description of the flavor.

The best part of Androuet — besides the delicious and wonderful selection of cheese — is how friendly and helpful they are in the shops. Most everyone speaks English and is eager to help you make the perfect choice based on your preferences.

It doesn’t matter if you know a lot about cheese or nothing about cheese, at Androuet you’ll leave with products you love. 

Want to learn a little more before you head out in search of the perfect French fromage? Here are our tips for shopping for cheese in Paris like a pro.

Fine foods at the épicerie fine of fromagerie Androuet
Photo by Landen Kerr

As a bonus, Androuet shops double as épiceries where you can pick up things like eggs, crackers, jam, honey, juices, and bien sûr, wine and champagne to go with your cheese.  

Androuet has 7 locations in Paris:

Opening hours differ by location. You can see them all on the Androuet Official Website.

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