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Meet a Bespoke Womenswear Designer in the Haut Marais

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A Paris local for over 15 years, Mari Samvelyan began her flourishing career by studying fashion in the stylish city of Milan. But for this natural-born designer, creation was inherent.

As a young girl growing up in Armenia, Mari was fascinated with crafting fabrics into fashion. In her wildest dreams, she could not have imagined moving to Paris and opening her own boutique in the fashion capital’s most à la mode neighborhood. Luckily for all those who encounter this soulful designer, this path to Paris was Mari’s destiny.

Four years following the launch of her clothing brand Koshka Mashka, Mari opened her Haut Marais boutique in 2011. Since then, Mari has become known throughout Paris for her timeless womenswear designed in limited edition collections, all handmade by skilled artisans in her Parisian atelier.

dresses and sweaters hanging in Parisian boutique Koshka Mashka
Inside Koshka Mashka’s Haut Marais boutique. Photo by Kasia Dietz.

It was soon afterward that I met her on one of my neighborhood crawls, and quickly became enchanted both with the designer and her designs. Mari’s refined aesthetic blends French femininity with a modern twist, her unique womenswear collections proving both sophisticated and playful.

What’s more, each custom ‘Made in Paris’ creation including denim trench coats, wool jumpsuits, and luxurious shearlings can be tailored to fit by the designer herself. Now that’s what I consider real luxury!

My growing Koshka Mashka collection began with the signature wide-leg jeans, quick to become a staple in every fashion savvy woman’s wardrobe, mine included.

Parisian model in grey sweatshirt
Fonda Sweatshirt by Koshka Mashka

True to her Armenian roots, Mari also offers one-of-a-kind sweaters, each hand-knit by a woman in her home country. It’s easy to walk into Mari’s boutique, get dressed by the designer who has a knack for picking out the most flattering ensemble for every body type, and walk out a new woman. Mari’s latest shoe collection will complete the outfit. 

If you’re in the Haut Marais visiting the Picasso Museum or dining at one of the neighborhood hotspots, stop by and say bonjour to the designer and discover her latest haute couture collections. Each month reveals an array of new statement pieces that will leave you swooning. You’ll also find complimentary handbags and jewelry by fellow local designers.

In case you can’t make it to Paris, shop online or inquire about Mari’s next trunk show.

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  • 36 Rue de Poitou – 75003 Paris ,
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