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Le Troquet

Inside Paris bistonomic restaurant Le Troquet
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Authentic Basque Bistro in Paris

  • 21 Rue François Bonvin ,
  • 75015 Paris

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Le Troquet (a short, colloquial word for a bistro in French) is aptly named. With authentic decor, Moleskine bench seats, wooden tables, a large chalkboard touting the menu of the day, traditional southwestern French cuisine, and a warm, welcoming ambiance, this is your typical Paris bistro experience.

When Christian Etchebest opened Le Troquet in this anonymous little street in the 15th Arrondissement back in the 1990s, he wasn’t yet an acclaimed TV-star Chef and ‘bistronomy‘ was only a budding trend. Years later, it’s his former sous-chef Marc Mouton who has taken over the restaurant, and although the head chef has changed, the pleasant atmosphere, décor, and good traditional cuisine remain intact.

The tiled-floor room is brightly lit and the welcome is warm and friendly. Patés and sausages with a big loaf of Pain de Campagne are on display on the bar—an invitation to get started with a countryside-style apéro.

On the menu, eggs cocotte and country terrines to start with, wild boar stews and in-season wild game. Basque specialty products and southwestern wines recall the origins of the Chef and his team. And be sure to save room for dessert—try their Paris-Bayonne or their delicious riz au lait!

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  • Cambronne
  • 21 Rue François Bonvin ,
  • 75015 Paris
Opening Hours
Tue-Sat: 12:00–14:00; 19:30–21:00; Closed Sun-Mon.