Passy Brocante

Cobblestone Paris street with antique store Passy Brocante.
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Parisian Treasure Hunting

  • 5 Impasse des Carrières ,
  • 75016 Paris

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Hidden in a small cul-de-sac off Rue de Passy, you’ll find this part antique shop part, flea market where you can dig for Parisian treasure. Its large hall swallows you up in an unruly display of everything from books piled on old tables to china dishes nestled next to glass bottles, all balancing between glass cabinets which hold smaller, more select items.

There are mannequins, mirrors, oil paintings, lampshades, and furniture galore. A wooden sailboat sits next to a sculpture of a Saint, a tiny tray holds even tinier tea sets, and some glittering art deco jewelry catches the light while the owner discusses the merits of an old armchair with an interested client in the back of the shop.

Antique lamps, pictures, and bottles inside an antique shop.

This is the perfect little spot if you happen to be in Paris during the week and the usual flea markets are closed. It’s just the right size to browse for a while without being overwhelmed, and in contrast to some Parisian brocantes, which often seem to be a bit too luxurious antique markets, here, you might just be able to find a little bargain that will remind you forever of the day you spent in Paris’s 16th Arrondissement.

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Passy, Trocadero
Métro Ⓜ
  • 5 Impasse des Carrières ,
  • 75016 Paris
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