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The Best Casual & Cool Places in Paris

Where to Go for an Unpretentious Outing
Looking for a laid-back vibe for drinks or dinner? These casual & cool places in Paris offer a relaxing atmosphere and comfortable setting, meaning you can come as you are, without worrying too much whether your outfit is chic enough to please those stylish Parisians!
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Classic Parisian café in Saint Germain, Les Deux Magots
Where to Find That Oh-So Parisian Feel

The Classic Paris Places You Can’t Miss

Oh Paree! Paris is perhaps the city that makes us dream and fantasize the most. In books and movies, its picturesque promenades, elegant cafés, and beige Haussmannian buildings have charmed us all. Visit one of these ‘Classic Paris’ spots to feel like you’ve stepped back in time or on to a movie set.
Children's art museum in Paris
Where to Go & What to Do with Children in Paris

The Best Kid-Friendly Paris Places

For a family trip to Paris, these spots are sure to please both young and old. Whether it’s for a showy circus, sweet treats, familiar menu items, or space to run and play, here are our picks for the best kid-friendly places in Paris.
Beautiful Salon Proust of The Ritz Paris
Where to Fall in Love In the City of Light

The Most Romantic Places in Paris

There’s no better place for romance than Paris! From romantic restaurants to sexy shows, the City of Love certainly lives up to its name. These charming parks, restaurants, museums, bars, and more make the perfect date spots in Paris and are sure to have you falling in love.