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Fashion Lover from Florida

Karina is an American-Nicaraguan freelance writer living between Paris and her hometown of Miami, Florida. Depending on the month you can find her sunbathing in South Beach or coffee shop hopping on Boulevard Beaumarchais. She’s always on the hunt for a porcelain tea set, a music band to join, and the latest Parisian hangout.

 A Quick Q&A With A Local Paris Insider

Our Interview with Paris Writer Karina

How would you describe your love affair with Paris?

Oh with Paris, it’s a love-hate relationship. When I’m away, I miss the romantic city lights, when I’m there the daily ordeals of life like the rush hour traffic in the Metro Line 1 makes me want to pitch a sign up and protest, but then again the strikes are another annoying occurrence.

What words do you associate with Paris?

Infuriating, serendipitous, utterly charming, intimate, chic, alive.

What music do you associate with Paris?

Lots of Stromae.

What is your favorite Paris-related movie?

Masculin Feminin or A Bout du Souffle.

Where else would you like to live or visit, aside from Paris and Miami?

I plan on buying a riad in Morocco one day.

What would you change about Paris if you had a magic wand?

I would make Parisian girls friendlier and fix the messy French administration.

What souvenir would you bring back from Paris for yourself or for your loved ones?

For myself: floral bed sheets, a tea pot set, and sugar cubes. For my loved ones: oh my, where to begin?!

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