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Honor Café

Australian Coffee Bar in Paris Courtyard

Honor Café

Australian Coffee To Go Between Luxury Boutiques

54 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris

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Update: Honor Café has permanently closed.

In between shopping sprees on Rue Saint Honoré, hop into this cute kiosk for a quick coffee break.

Honor defies the traditional café style with its unique coffee bar design. The miniature Australian coffee shop resides in the quiet courtyard of a Haussmann building, tucked in between stores Moschino and Cucinelli—you’d surely miss it if it weren’t for this app! The baristas here show off their latte art chops with the most perfect-looking coffee you’ve ever seen, served in cheerful bright blue cups.

Wooden stools are provided as outdoor seating and during the winter, the kiosk’s panels help the tiny outdoor spot transform into a snug interior space. Although there’s only enough room for a few people inside, it’s alright, as this spot is for a quick pick-me-up, not meant for resting for hours. While their main focus is coffee, you can also find cakes or granola to snack on, as well as sandwiches and a quiche of the day for a light lunch.

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Madeleine, Concorde
54 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris
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Closed permanently.

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