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Local Paris guide showing off Spiderman street art.

Voulez-Vous Paris Avec Moi

Family Street Art Tours in Paris

Camille is passionate about Paris, street art, and all those unexpected details that most people miss. She loves telling great stories and pointing out how artists have been adding beauty to the city in small, large, and even sometimes risky ways. Through Voulez-Vous Paris Avec Moi, her mission is to bring attention to their creations, to feel the emotions evoked by their works, and ponder the artists’ message and commitment.

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Local Paris street art tour guide Camille.

Seeking Art in the Paris Streets

Formerly a marketer in the toy industry, Camille loves writing stories for kids. She is a mother of two great little girls with whom she enjoys sharing her passion for street art and the City of Paris.

“It makes my day to show you how, when cities could be all about functionality, artists have been using their creativity to add beauty all around us.”

Her family-focused street art tours have been featured on France Televisions and M6, as well as in Elle Magazine.