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Mademoiselle Saint Germain French beauty products

Mademoiselle Saint Germain

Beauty Secrets from French History

The fruit of a collaboration between two Versailles pharmacists, one impassioned by history, the other a lover of cosmetics, Mademoiselle Saint Germain uses historical texts to bring ancient beauty secrets to life. Using only no-waste, all-natural, 100% French ingredients, the brand prioritizes responsible production and consumption.

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King's Gardens of VersaillesKing’s Garden of Versailles

The extracts used in Mademoiselle Saint Germain’s products are taken from plants cultivated in the King’s Garden of the Palace of Versailles. The garden, built in 1678 at the request of Louis XIV, is classified as a historic monument. Open to the public, the Potager du Roi is also home to the National School of Landscape Architecture, where gardeners practice and preserve historic pruning and cultivating techniques.

“We revive ancient care based on our core values: ‘consume better’ and ‘consume local’.”

The Radiance Linebaume-eclat-eau-reine-hongrie-marbre

The brand’s rosemary-based Radiance Line of skincare works in 3 ways to improve skin’s overall health and appearance:
Anti-aging – Prevents the appearance of the first signs of aging
Protecting –Preserves the balance of skin flora
Illuminating – Enhances complexion radiance
This centuries-old formula oxygenates the skin, refreshes and illuminates the complexion, and balances microflora with scientifically-proven effects.

Quality & Conscientious Skincare

The Mademoiselle Saint Germain brand is committed to using:

  • Limited product quantities to maintain the highest quality standards
  • Active ingredients cultivated naturally
  • Primarily local raw materials and recyclable containers

These choices reflect the brand’s desire to promote ways to take care of both your skin and the environment.