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Kasia Dietz, wearing one of her custom-designed tote bags.

Kasia Dietz

New Yorker Turned Paris Designer, Writer, & Guide

Kasia Dietz is a New Yorker who followed her heart to Paris where her love of art, design and fashion lead her to launch her own line of handbags. Inspired by prints her mother designed in the 1970s, Kasia’s tote bags evolved to incorporate her own individual style. Her reversible canvas bags are hand-painted, meaning each one is a truly unique piece of wearable art, reversing to reveal another one-of-a-kind creation.

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Wearable ArtBag Paris Black

The bag and tote collections are inspired by Kasia’s love of travel, art and nature, providing the ideal versatile bag for a stylish woman on the go, with purses and clutches to match. All bags are reversible.

Each Kasia Dietz handbag, tote, clutch, and purse is unique and made in Paris. And every collection is a limited edition.

Each canvas bag is hand-painted, resulting in a unique piece of wearable art, reversing to reveal another one-of-a-kind creation.

Paris Bag Painting WorkshopsReserve a creative bag painting workshop for a girls' trip to Paris

Kasia also holds bag painting workshops in Paris to create your own wearable art. Kasia will teach you her techniques for designing wearable art, sharing some examples of her work and explaining exactly how she develops and creates her designs. You’ll learn how to take your own idea, be it a name, custom logo, cityscape, etc., and transfer it onto a canvas bag.

Kasia holds these half-day workshops in different atmospheres, each with a cozy set up:

Stylish boutique in Paris's Marais district.Parisian Fashion Tours

Join Kasia for a private fashion tour of the world’s fashion capital! As a designer who’s called Paris home for over nine years, she’ll introduce you to shops exclusive to Paris and take you on a tour of the most fashionable neighborhoods, including Le Marais. Having written on fashion for various publications and being a local designer living in the Haut Marais, she has her finger on the pulse and will customize your tour to suit your tastes!