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Izabele Giedre Parisian fashion experiences

Izabele Giedre

Stylish Guide

Bonjour! I’m Izabele, but you can just call me Iza. Over the past 10 years, I’ve gained experience in fashion capitals like London, Paris, and Milan working as a stylist, personal shopper, creative director, and fashion and culture journalist. But I decided to settle in the city that’s always had my heart: Paris. And I can’t wait to share my favorite sides of the city with you!

Tell me more!

As a personal stylist, I’m working in fashion every day and I love it so much.

My clients are like my family — I think this sentence can tell a lot about my approach.

Parisian fashion tour guide, Izabele I’m always happy to share my knowledge, but I also know you might not always agree. But during my tours, I’d encourage you to break some of your own fashion rules and try something different to find what really fits you and your personality. And all while shopping at amazing local designers’ studios and boutiques, concept and vintage stores, or the most famous luxury brands.

I think every shopping experience should be personalized, so don‘t hesitate to message me and tell me more about yourself. That way I can prepare the best experience for you!

Along with fashion, I’m passionate about history, architecture, coffee, design, photography, and art in general. I also love discovering trendy and little-known places. So while we shop, I’ll share some interesting facts about Paris, from hidden spots to rarely-told stories, and much, much more.

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