Originally from New York, Kasia moved to Paris in 2009, soon after serendipitously meeting a handsome Italian on the streets of Soho. Thus began her life of Love in the City of Lights, also the name of her blog. Once settled into the Haut Marais, Kasia launched her namesake handbag line and soon after fulfilled another dream of travel writing.

Urbansider: What brought you to Paris in the first place?

Kasia: A beautiful love story. It had been my dream to live in Paris for many years, ever since first visiting as a university student in London. I would find any occasion possible to spend a few days wrapped in the glow of the City of Lights. While traveling the world in 2007, I made Paris home for a few weeks and realized how difficult of an adjustment it would be. I had let go of the dream… until meeting the man with whom I’d set my dreams in motion, in Paris.

Urbansider: How has your relationship with Paris evolved?

Kasia: While I would visit friends in Paris and got to know the city from an insider’s perspective, there’s nothing like truly becoming a local to better understand the cultural nuances of the French capital. Each arrondissement is a world in itself, with its own shopkeepers, markets, and local cafes. Through the years, amidst all the difficulties in assimilation, my love affair with Paris has grown deeper, particularly with my beloved neighborhood the Haut Marais.

Urbandsider: What do you miss in Paris that you found in other cities?

Kasia: While in the last few years Paris has become much more globally-minded, with expats from all corners of the globe choosing to call the city home, international bars and coffee shops flooding the city, and nouvelle cuisine restaurants opening alongside centuries-old brasseries, it’s still the energy of motion in New York that I miss. I try my best to bring it to Paris!

Urbansider: How do you deal with the ‘Frenchness’ of Parisian people?

Kasia: I must admit that I’ve become immune to the famous French ‘attitude’. Both personally and professionally, I am often surrounded by expats, or Parisians who have lived abroad and possess a much more open-minded outlook on life. It also helps that I’m married to an Italian! Wasn’t it Jean Cocteau who said “French people are Italian people in a bad mood”?

Urbansider: What’s your favorite daydreaming spot in Paris?

Kasia: There’s nothing like strolling along the Seine on Île Saint-Louis, particularly on those endless summer evenings when time seems inconsequential. Just to sit along the river’s edge and read, or dream, or picnic with friends. This is where I feel the pulse of Paris most deeply.


Kasia’s favorites:

Sightseeing: Picasso Museum, Rodin Museum, YSL Museum
Stroll: The tangle of Marais streets composing the 3rd and 4th arrondissements
Cocktail bars: Candelaria, Mary Celeste, Copper Bay
Restaurants: Le Petite Marche, Baltard au Louvre, Freddy’s
Coffee shops: Loustic, The Broken Arm, Republique of Coffee
Brunch: Treize Bakery
Chill: Village Saint Paul
Gigs: Olympia, Palais Garnier
Experience: Diner en Blanc

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