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Meandering Through La Mouzaïa

A Quiet Village Near Les Buttes Chaumont

This calm and quiet corner of the 19th Arrondissement isn’t filled with attractions or even many cafés. Instead, this short 1-2 hour stroll leads you through the charming alleyways of a quaint residential neighborhood where colorful houses, cobblestone paths, and plenty of leafy trees and blooming flowers await.

Villas of La Mouzaïa

For a peaceful balade around an atypical Parisian neighborhood, start at the Botzaris metro station, heading away from the Parc des Buttes Chaumont and up the Rue du Général Brunet. Just past the corner café called l’Antenne, take the fork in the road to the right and continue onto the Rue de Mouzaïa.

After a block or so, you’ll begin to see small tree-lined lanes branching off this main street. Called Villas, these small residiential rues are just begging to be explored, so take your time wandering down those which pique your interest, keeping in mind that these are peoples’ homes – please be respectful!

Villa de la Renaissance

The Villa de Bellevue on your right is not to be missed, with beautiful flowers bursting over the walls and envelopping lampposts. At the end of the Villa de Bellevue, turn left onto the Rue de Bellevue then take another left to make your way up the Villa des Lilas. Cross back over the Rue de Mouzaïa and continue up the Villa de la Renaissance until you reach the Rue de l’Egalité.

Place Danube

Turn left on the Rue de l’Egalité, then right onto the Rue de la Fraternité where you’ll pass La Bouchée de Pain, a charity serving meals to Parisians in need since 1884. At the end of the street, turn left and you’ll arrive at the Place Danube. Pull up a brightly colored chair on the patio of Le Danube for a quick coffee or beer en terrasse if you need a quick break, or you could even return home on the metro if you’re really tired – the Danube station on the Line 7bis is right here.

Villa Claude Monet

Once you’re ready to continue, head down the Rue Miguel Hildago where, you’ll once again find pretty little pedestrian streets inviting you in. Take your time walking around the villas here – they’re all worth a look!

Rue Miguel Hildago

Be sure to wander around the Villa Claude Monet and the Villa des Boers, then stop to admire the beautiful blue house on the corner  of the Rue Miguel Hidalgo, before continuing down the street and turning left onto Rue Compans. You’ll then find you’re back where you started, across from L’Antenne, with the Parc des Buttes Chaumont down the Rue Général Brunet on your right.

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