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Update July 2020: Sadly, the store has closed, but you can still shop Storie’s online boutique.

Storie Shop in the heart of the Montparnasse neighborhood provides a portal into a world of artisans from all corners of the globe. Founder Fiona Cameron, a long-time traveler and collector of crafts, opened her boutique to offer a platform to talented creators, designers, and makers.  

At her well-appointed shop which plays on the French and English words histoire and store, Fiona “tells the stories of the people behind the products, the materials products are made from, and how they are made.”

Whether it’s a virgin wool carpet from Morocco, using a generations-old weaving ritual passed from mother to daughter in the Berber region of Azilal, a traditional hand-woven basket created in a marginalized community in Bangladesh, or hand-embroidered “Tenangos” cushion covers representing traditional life in Mexico, Storie is all about conscientious consumption.

My eyes gravitated to a vibrant collection of table linen including tablecloths and place mats created using an ancestral technique practiced by disadvantaged women in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. As anyone who enters the shop quickly realizes, “By understanding the story behind a product you value it more.”

Fiona Cameron, Founder of Storie

The name Storie also represents the many stories told by the customers and the sharing of ideas and knowledge. As Fiona mentions, “Often the client will tell me about a craft, or a tribe of craftspeople, or the sociological conditions that created a particular craft.” This might lead Fiona to an island in the Philippines in search of an artisan, or to another remote part of the world. In this way, a new story is told. 

Celebrating eight years of Storie in Paris since opening in 2011, every month Fiona hosts an in-store vernissage featuring a new artisan’s work. Last month my custom-designed “The Paris We Love” Kasia Dietz handbags were featured, telling the story of Paris from the 1950’s.

To discover what’s new this month, stop by Storie, Fiona will be more than happy to introduce you to her one-of-a-kind collection of housewares, accessories, tapestries, carpets and jewelry, all while sharing a story or two.

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