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Léa Petitjean was born in a wild and mountainous region and grew up in the sunbathed landscapes of Provence, where she developed her early taste for warm atmospheres and flowery colors. After a few years traveling the world, working in Scandinavia and New York City for luxury jewelry, nourishing her passion for artisanal crafts, she settled in Paris and launched Petitjean Paris, to design beautiful pieces of luminous prints, as an echo to her bucolic memories.

She says, "Just like reading a book opens our minds, telling stories nurtures our self-expression. And to tell our story, we need to speak our minds. To follow our passion. To create our own style. With Petitjean Paris prints, you carry the patterns to design your own story. Mine is about having the freedom to choose my own future, empowering women, and finding inner peace of mind."

My story is filled with bright colors, flowers, and greenery. And it smells like cinnamon, brioche, and blooming gardenias in the springtime.

Parisian portraits

Through a series of portrait interviews of 'Parisiennes', Léa takes us on a long stroll through Paris, letting us discover her favorite spots and hidden places while painting the portraits of empowered women, living their Parisian lives with grace and elegance. Meet Charlotte, Victoire, Julie, Marie, Fatou and many others in this very inspiring blog of Parisian stories.

Artisanal Expertise

Although all her creations are designed in Paris, it is in Lyon, France's historic 'silk capital,' that she found her craftsman partner. She collaborates with a prestigious textile finisher, who counts among its customers the most famous French Haute Couture houses and fashion designers.

Scarves and Bracelets

High quality printed silk is then used to skillfully craft garments of different sizes and formats:

  • Les Carrés, a traditional large square format which is both elegant and versatile
  • The Lavalline, a long stretch of fabric, which can be used as a light scarf, as a hair band or to accessorize your bags or coats
  • The Gavroche scarf, a pocket silk square, simply loop knotted to bring a touch of color to your outfit.
  • And finally, the classy silk bracelet to wrap around your wrist or handbag!
Authentic Tradition

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