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La Confiturerie

17 Avenue Daumesnil,
75012 Paris
Closed Mondays

Passion for flavor

Nadège, is a fan of pottery making and culinary history, while Laura, a Berlin restaurateur, loves exploring new tastes. Combining their individual passions with their shared enthusiasm for gourmet foods, the two set out to create an extraordinary jam as delicious as its jar would be beautiful. After training in the art of confiturière, Confiture Parisienne was officially born in October 2015.

Chefs developed the original recipes that have made the reputation of the brand, composed of a clever balance of fruits and spices.

The Jam of the Chefs

Carefully selected raw materials from small local producers, the passion and creativity of renowned chefs, an impressive attention to detail, and the highest standards of quality in the craft making of the jams; these are the ingredients of this beautiful brand. A recipe which won Confiture Parisienne honors from the College Culinaire de France.

Artisanal Expertise

Original combinations, seasonal fruits, unrefined cane sugar, and zero chemicals go into these luxurious jams. Making small batches with great care, the temperature of the copper cooking pots is precisely monitored to ensure the ingredients cook evenly and give their maximum flavor. Once ready, the jam is lovingly poured into white enamel jars to prevent light from entering.

La Confiturerie

Earlier this year, Confiture Parisienne settled its jam crafting line and boutique under the arches of the Viaduc des Arts on Avenue Daumesnil. Behind the tall glass windows, passers-by can get a glimpse of the copper pots where the jams are gently cooking. Walk in and discover the traditional jam laboratory, speak with the friendly staff about their passion, but most of all, indulge in the delicious recipes of their large jam selection.

La "Confiturerie" welcomes you at the 17, Avenue Daumesnil, from Tuesday to Sunday for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and afternoon tea.

Authentic Tradition

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Confiture Parisienne

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