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Drawing Paris

Currently living and working full time in Liverpool, Anthony Tambourini has only recently returned to illustration. Although he worked as a book illustrator after art school, a change in career paths lead him away from his art, until picking back up the pen many years later, inspired by his frequent travels to Paris and London.
Anthony started small with commissioned prints of famous landmarks, then creating blog illustrations, logos, and a series of Native American portraits which was picked up by an interior design firm in the US.

"After many years I returned to illustration, inspired by my frequent travels to Paris and London."

Paris Illustrations

Anthony's pen drawings have since been featured in several anglophone magazines published in Paris. He now sells his beautifully detailed drawings of restaurants and landmarks worldwide, thanks to the miracle that is the internet.
He welcomes all types of commission work from advertisers and publishers, shop owners, restaurateurs, book authors, travel agents, and more.

Postcards from Paris

In addition to larger-scale drawings perfect for adding a touch of Paris to your home, Anthony also offers his illustrations in post card format, letting you send a little piece of Paris to your friends and family wherever they are in the world.

Authentic Tradition

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