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How to Get the Most Out of Paris
French café terrace of Les Deux Magots
Where the Writers Went

Our Top 5 Best Literary Cafés in Paris

Since the 19th century, certain Parisian cafés have been a second home to many celebrated authors. Everyone from Émile Zola to Jean-Paul Sartre congregated on their terraces to smoke, drink, and, of course, write. These are the cafés that are a must for literature lovers in Paris.
Snow in Paris at the Buttes Chaumont Park
Where To Go When Paris is Covered in White

Best Places in Paris When it Snows

It doesn’t happen often, and it’s even rarer that it actually sticks, but when it does snow, there are some must-see spots that are truly exceptional under a blanket of white.
Best Parisian parks Square des Batignolles
Where to Take a Break in the Busy City

Our Top 7 Best Parks in Paris

When the sun’s shining and the weather’s warm, there’s nothing better than spending the day in one of Paris’s many parks. If you’re looking for family favorites, classic Paris vibes, or a bit of countryside in the capital city, we’re helping you pick the best park to visit.
Red and white Christmas presents
The Perfect Presents for Paris Lovers

7 Original Paris Gift Ideas

No doubt that your friends and family would love a Parisian present for Christmas this year. Steer clear of the cliché keychains and Eiffel Tower t-shirts, and instead pick from one of these unique, authentic, and fun ideas for Frenchy gifts they’re sure to love.
Traditional raclette spread with cheese charcuterie and wine
Our Picks for Enjoying the Cheesiest Traditional French Food

Our Top 3 Best Paris Restaurants for Raclette

Raclette, a wonderful French fromage tradition. To help you partake in this authentic cold-weather cuisine, we’re sharing our picks for the best raclette in Paris.
Audrey Hepburn in Paris on the riverbanks of the Seine.
Add a Touch of Parisian Life to Life Under Lockdown

Our Top 7 Best Ways To Bring Paris to You

Since March 2020, life in Paris has changed. These have been tough times for us all, so whether you’re stuck in your tiny Parisian apartment or had to cancel your travel plans, we could all use a touch of that magical Parisian ‘joie de vivre’. Here are 7 ways to bring some of that special only-in-Paris feeling into your home, wherever you may be.
Paris cheese shop Androuet
Our Favorite Fromageries in the City of Light

Our Top 7 Best Cheese Shops in Paris

You can’t come to the capital of France without trying some of the country’s famous fromages. Whether you’re already a connoisseur or know nothing about French cheese, these cheese shops — or fromageries — are the best places to buy cheese in Paris.
French baguettes
Where to Find the Best French Bread in the Capital

Our Top 5 Best Baguettes in Paris

As the capital of a country known for its bread, you can rest assured that Paris has plenty of excellent bakeries. Here are our top choices for where to get ‘une bonne baguette’ in the City of Lights.
Paris covered passage Galerie Vivienne
The Shopping Malls of Times Gone By

Best Covered Passages in Paris

Raining while you’re in Paris? No worries, head to one of the city’s innumerable covered passages where you’re sure to spend a great time shopping, dining, and admiring the architecture, all sheltered from the elements.
Paris open-air market at Bastille Colonne de juillet in background
Where to Find Fresh Food & An Authentic Local Experience

Our Top 5 Best Food Markets in Paris

Foodies in the French capital searching for fresh ingredients and a true Parisian experience, make your way to a food market. While there are many to choose from in the city, these are our picks for the best in Paris.
White marble pools of a five-star spa
Treat Yourself to a Sublime Spa Day

Our Top 3 Best Luxury Spas in Paris

While Parisian life is full of beauty and excitement, it can also come with a fair bit of stress. Take some time out from the hustle and bustle and treat yourself to a relaxing day (or at least a few hours) at one of these exceptional Paris spas.
Outdoor pool in Paris
Where to Go for a Swim in the City of Light

Our Top 10 Best Swimming Pools in Paris

There are dozens of swimming pools in Paris, some outdoors, some indoors, some with eye-catching architecture while others are all about soaking up le soleil.
One of the best hammams in Paris, Aux Bains Montorgueil.
The Best Steamy Spots to Shake Off the Stress & the Cold

Our Top 3 Best Paris Hammams for Warming Up in Winter

If you’re in Paris this winter, duck into one of these relaxing spots to experience this centuries-old tradition from France’s former North African colonies. Essentially a very steamy, humid sauna, hammams are a great way to warm up and pamper yourself during the holiday season.
Man and woman running over the Seine in Paris.
Where to run when you’re in Paris

Our Top 5 Best Running Spots in Paris

Be sure to leave room for your running shoes when packing for Paris! Running is a great way to explore the city, so we’re sharing our favorite places to run in Paris.
Rosé with a view on the rooftop of the BHV Marais
Drinks & Dining in Paris with Stunning Views

Our Top 3 Best Paris Rooftop Bars & Restaurants

While plenty of trendy-but-temporary rooftop bars and restaurants pop up all over Paris, these elevated endroits remain the place to perch year after year.
Books for sale on the sidewalk of Paris bookshops
The Best Bookshops in the City of Light

Our Top 5 Best Bookstores in Paris

Between the antique book markets all over town and several charming English-language bookstores, it’s tough to pick a single favorite place to pick up some reading material when in the city. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best bookshops in Paris according to a few different criteria.
Hot chocolate being poured into a cup at Angelina.
Parisian Favorites for Some Chocolat Chaud

Our Top 3 Best Hot Chocolates in Paris

On a cold or rainy day, there’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious cup of ‘chocolat chaud’ in a cozy setting. There are plenty of great cafés in Paris where you can pause and enjoy a nice hot chocolate, but these are our picks for the best in town.
Champagne bottle and flutes
Where to Drink Champagne in Paris

The Best Champagne Bars in Paris

Unless you’re Coco Chanel, it’s not every day that you enjoy a good glass of champagne. If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion with a ‘coupe’, why not do it in a setting that is as exceptional as the drink itself?
Rain on a Paris window.
Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

What To Do When It Rains in Paris

It can be disappointing when the weather won’t cooperate while you’re on vacation, but in Paris, there are plenty of options for staying dry and enjoying the city. Don’t let a rainy day put a damper on your trip! Huddle up under your ‘parapluie’ and try one of our suggestions for what to do in Paris when it rains.
Paris seen from the top of the Pantheon
The Best Panoramas for Capturing the Paris Skyline

Our Top 5 Places to Photograph Paris from Above

Although we can’t currently get out to soak in all the incredible views of our favorite city, we can still dream of beautiful locations and travel through photographs and memories until we can once again explore all that Paris has to offer.
Chateau du Saint-Germain-en-Laye day trip from Paris
Explore an Elegant, Historical Town Just Outside of Paris

Saint-Germain-en-Laye Day Trip from Paris

Take a short trip from Paris to Saint-Germain-en-Laye where you can admire impressive architecture, shop at a street market or in elegant boutiques, and even see a château. Read on for the best things to see and do in in the city.
Small teal and purple space invader street art mosaic.
When Walking Around the City Becomes a Game

Invader Hunting in Paris Streets

If you’re on a family trip in Paris, this is the perfect way to keep the kids excited, interested, and occupied. Combining street art, video games, and scavenger hunts, this activity is sure to please the young and the young at heart.
French can-can dancer at Moulin Rouge
Which Cabaret Shows to See in Paris

The Most Iconic Paris Cabarets

If you’re after an evening of only-in-Paris entertainment, nothing beats a night at one of the city’s classic cabarets. Here are our picks for the Paris cabarets which will leave you saying ‘oh là là!’
Two women looking out over the Paris skyline.
Plan a Girls’ Getaway

Mother-Daughter Trip to Paris

Whether you’re bringing your little mini-me on a special trip for two or inviting your mother for a Parisian holiday, here’s how to make your time in Paris the perfect mother-daughter moment.
Christmas window displays at Galeries Lafayette.
Why Visiting Paris in December or January is a Great Idea

Unique Winter Experiences in Paris

Although you might think that spring or summer is the best time to enjoy the City of Light, winter can be a magical time to visit Paris. Tons of fun, cold-weather activities are offered around the city and there are always beautiful Christmas lights and illuminations to be seen.
The Places in Paris to Cheer on Your Favorite Team

Women’s World Cup Soccer: Where To Watch the Games in Paris

With France hosting the 2019 Women’s World Cup, Paris promises to be even more lively and exciting than usual. From city-sponsored events to the best bars for watching the games, here are our picks for following all the football action.
Parisians on a café terrace with view of the Eiffel Tower.
Get the True Paris Experience

How To Meet Local Parisians

The best way to really immerse yourself in Parisian life is to make friends with a few locals. We know it’s not always the easiest thing to do, but we do have some ideas to help you meet people in Paris.