Chataigne Poire Jam


A touch of autumn on the banks of the river Seine nostalgia.

Here is Confiture Parisienne’s most subtle jam. Imagine the delicate flavor of pear mixed with the texture of chestnut and a touch of Tonka bean. It’s like rain on a rooftop or autumn wind in your hair as you walk around the Château de Versailles beside the ghost of Marie-Antoinette. Beware: some have lost their heads over this.

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Pieces of chestnut and refreshing pear, unrefined cane sugar, Tonka bean, and a bit of lemon. Total sugar content 57%. Prepared with 60g of fruit for 40g of unrefined cane sugar.

Tasting suggestions
SWEET: Dig in directly with a small spoonful! On toast, crêpes, in a molten chocolate cake or muffin, or with fromage blanc. SAVORY: with goat cheese.

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