Carotte Passion Jam


With Leon and neons at Pigalle.

For adults only, a very sensual mix imagined by Confiture Parisienne. Think of it: carrot for the little rabbit that you are, passion fruit and vanilla. Forget the five o’ clock and turn up for a cinq à sept in a little hotel room in Montmartre with this gourmandise.


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Young sweet carrot, passion fruit, unrefined cane sugar, vanilla, natural pectin. Total sugar content 57%. Prepared with 60g of fruit for 40g of unrefined caned sugar.

Tasting suggestions
SWEET: On toast, a crêpe, a scone, or with fromage blanc.
SAVORY: With foie gras, a duck ‘magret’ and long ripening cheeses (an aged comté for example).


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