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Aux Folies

'The' Bar in Belleville

8, Rue de Belleville
75020 Paris
06 28 55 89 40
  • Neighborhood : Belleville
  • Categories : Café Bars
  • Moments : After Dinner | Apéro | Nightlife
  • Ambiances : Casual & Cool | The place to be
  • perks : Terrace

The bright red neon sign of Aux Folies has become something of a beacon for those of us who live in Belleville. This brasserie is lively and low-key, and it’s become a Paris institution. It might not be much to look at really, but there’s something about this bar that embodies the spirit of this vibrant, down-to-earth neighborhood.

If you happen to walk by Aux Folies anytime between three in the afternoon and two in the morning, you’ll notice that this place is always packed. A loud buzz of conversation floats over the patio, as do clouds of cigarette smoke. Inside, a classic, somewhat retro bar awaits, and you’ll find few clients à l’intérieur. It isn’t the classiest place, and the neighborhood isn’t exactly elegant, but with a lively vibe and cheap drinks, it’s a great spot for an all-night-long apéro among friends.

Right on the busy Rue de Belleville, Aux Folies is definitely not the place to go if you’re looking for peace and quiet. If you’re up for a bit of noise and fantastic people watching, pull up a plastic chair, sip on a beer, and spend hours on the heated terrace. After you’ve enjoyed your drink (or drinks), turn the corner and take in the street art on Rue Denoyez. There are often artists spray painting here, so you might even get to see a work of art in the making.

by Alesa

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