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Wine Tasting in Paris
The ultimate wine tasting experience

Could you imagine leaving Paris without having seen the Eiffel Tower? Of course not, but then what is a trip to France if you don't discover and learn about French wines?

Wine Tasting in Paris is the ultimate experience for people interested in doing a little wine tourism right in the heart of the capital. You'll learn everything there is to know about French wines, from the differences in their tastes to the regions they originate from, and even how to properly order a bottle in a restaurant or a wine bar.

Wine Tasting in Paris is more than just another tourist activity - this is an immersion you into French culture and façon de vivre (way of life).  A wine tasting is the ultimate experience for curating a better sense of appreciation for cultural differences during your time in France. Long live fermented grapes!

Wine seminars offered by Wine Tasting in Paris are targeted to beginners who simply love wine. If you have ever been overwhelmed by the vast selection of wines in a restaurant, then they're here to help.

Wine tasting in Paris was created by wine expert and lover Thierry Givone in order to make wine more approachable to international travelers visiting Paris.

Burgundy-born and raised (which is, of course, the best wine in the world according to him!), Thierry’s first job was working as marketing manager in a French subsidiary of an American company. However, it wasn't long before he came back to his first love, wine, and combined it with his international experience.

Thierry noticed that the French - especially Parisians - weren't very good at sharing their knowledge of wine. As a result, tourists fresh off the plane often have a hard time making sense of it all. Wine Tasting in Paris aims to fix that problem by introducing the basics to tourists who want to enjoy a fun night of wine education.

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