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Although neither Nikki nor Frederic were born in Paris, they have both developed a true passion for their adopted home. As TheWaysBeyond, the duo proposes unique activities for small groups of curious travelers and locals alike.

Their carefully cultivated experiences offer a closer look at Parisian culture and explore Paris’s lesser-beaten paths. Peek inside places normally closed to the public, enjoy private wine tastings, meet artists and luxury craftsmen in their workshops… the list of interesting activities goes on and on

With backgrounds in finance and architecture respectively, Nikki from Beijing and Frederic from Brussels are both avid travelers and city walkers.

The pair share their love for Paris by offering exceptional experiences, pushing past the typical tourist activities and exploring a different side of the city. 

Examples of activities

  • Guided tour of an exhibition at Centre Pompidou before the opening time and preceded by a casual breakfast;

  • Private meeting with Thomas Sauvin, mastermind of the photography project Beijing Silvermine;

  • Exclusive visit of Salomon de Rothschild’s Cabinet of Curiosities, followed by a glass of wine in a nearby cellar;

  • Mini-masterclass or wine tasting at a cellar specialized in grand cru wines; and more.

Most activities are offered in both French and English, and although proposed at a fixed date and time, the experiences also remain available for privatization on demand at other moments. Visit their website for more information.

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