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The Alchemist Atelier
Brand Story

The Alchemist Atelier combines decades of expertise from world-class perfumers with an innovative perfume blending technology to create a brand new concept in personal fragrances.

The originality of this concept lies primarily in the unique visual language developed by The Atelier's perfume experts to inspire and guide you in your exploration of fragrances and in the scent creation process. A beautifully designed app translates this language into a visual representation of your personal perfume. Then, their unique Scent Creator machine carefully blends your hand-picked ingredients to give life to your fragrance.

This innovative approach opens a new era of custom-made perfumery, allowing fragrance lovers to become signature scent creators !


"We created The Alchemist Atelier because we believe in bringing the world of fragrance to the people, letting those who have loved it from afar get hands-on. We believe in the power of fragrance to create memories and evoke emotions. We want to awaken people’s senses through the fragrances that they themselves have created."

Convinced that collaboration fosters creativity, the brand has set up an online platform to promote sharing and exchange for a community of perfume enthusiasts. By fostering conversation, co-creation and discovery, the community of The Alchemist Workshop allows members to share their knowledge, inspire others and refine their skills.


The Boutique

In June 2019, The Alchemist Atelier inaugurated its first boutique in Paris. Designed to offer an immersive dive into the world of perfumes and an interactive experience in a multi-sensory environment, this 100m² space deploys light, color, and movement to celebrate the unique range of ingredients and scents.

Visitors are invited to explore and experiment with the large range of scents presented in the Scent Library, with the help of expert Alchemist perfumers. Trained in perfumery, these professionals also animate the group and individual perfume discovery workshops


Creating a personalized perfume with The Alchemist Atelier is an interesting and fun experience;

1 Choose your favorite bases and accords from their olfactory library. The 34 different scents have been formulated by perfume experts using high-quality ingredients

2 Use the specially designed application (available on Android and Apple) to visualize your perfume, then follow your inspiration to make your creation. Once you’re ready, collect the cartridges for the bases and accords from the scent library and go to the Scent Creator.

3 The Scent Creator then assembles the ingredients in the exact proportions to produce your bespoke fragrance. Your secret formula is recorded by the device and archived for your possible future use

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