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With so much to see and do in Paris, it can be tough to choose. That's why we're here! Our Urbansider's Picks will help you narrow it down, letting you know the best places in Paris to eat, drink, shop, sightsee, relax, or let loose.


Whether you're in the mood for a quick bite or for fine dining à la française, here are some of our favorite restaurants to help you decide where to eat in Paris.

Cafés & Bars

With so many bars and cafés to choose from in Paris, finding the perfect place to have a drink can get tricky. We've done our best to help by sharing some of our favorite bars, cafés, and coffee shops.


From back-alley boutiques to world-famous department stores, here's our selection of the shopping experiences you just can't miss while in Paris.

Visits & Sightseeing

Of course you have to see the Eiffel Tower while in Paris, but the city is also sprinkled with little-known museums, local-loved parks, and sweet little squares. Be sure to visit our top sightseeing spots during your stay in Paris.

Health & Beauty

Running around the City of Lights can get tiring! Take some time to pamper yourself while in Paris and head to one of our favorite spots for health & beauty.


Already hit all the monuments and unsure what to do next? Enjoy Paris like a local and take in a movie, enjoy a concert, or go to a match. We've listed some of our favorite entertainment options here to ensure you have a bit of fun while you're here.

Ambles & Strolls

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There’s no better way to experience Paris than on foot. We’ve taken our favorite paths and turned them into our unique Urbansider Ambles & Strolls. We’ll point out the interesting spots and fun facts, and you won’t even have to wait for stragglers! Let us lead you on your own personal walking tour of Paris.

Amble & Stroll

Street Art Stroll in the 13th

With the inauguration of the Boulevard Paris 13 Project in June 2019, the 13th Arrondissement officially became an Open-Air Street...

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Amble & Stroll

Meandering Through La Mouzaïa

For a peaceful balade around an atypical Parisian neighborhood, start at the Botzaris metro station, heading away from the...

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Amble & Stroll

Exploring Passy, Behind the Trocadéro

This self-guided walking tour takes off from the Trocadéro, with its fabulous view across to the Eiffel Tower. Instead...

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Paris Experiences

become more Parisian

Go beyond the typical tourist activities and immerse yourself in authentic and original Paris Experiences. If you're not sure what to do for a day, why not try something new and learn alongside locals, or attend an exclusive Urbansider event? Travel deeper and make connections with Paris and its people.

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