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Wireless Connectivity Kit

Affordable & Easy Wi-Fi Access in Paris

The connectivity kit includes:

  • 4G autonomous Wi-Fi router
  • Charger and universal power adapter

Rental price: 15€ flat subscription fee plus 6€ per day

Optional: Insurance 14.90€ (reduces replacement charge in case of theft, loss, or damage)

Order your kit now and we’ll deliver it to your home in Paris!


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Afraid to come home to a bad cell phone bill surprise? Tired of hopelessly chasing Wi-Fi spots while in Paris? Urbansider’s Connectivity Kit will get you online wherever you go in the city, without using oh-so-expensive international data!

The connectivity kit includes an autonomous wireless router (with charger and universal adaptor) which lets you connect any device (mobile phone, laptop, or tablet) to the internet.

No cable or external software required and installation is a piece of cake (or should we say brioche?). Switch on the router and your device immediately identifies the Wi-Fi network. Enter your login password just once, and you’re ready to browse the web, chat with Urbi (Urbansider’s Paris city guide messenger bot), or post Instagram pics from anywhere in Paris for the rest of your trip. Easy, non ?

Enjoy personal, autonomous, unlimited, and secure internet access in Paris, wherever you go, any time you want! The router can last up to 10 hours on a single charge, and with the ability to connect up to 5 devices, all your City of Light travel companions can be connected too!

So you can get online as soon as you arrive, we’ll deliver your Urbansider connectivity kit directly to your apartment or hotel in Paris just before your arrival. Before returning home, simply place the kit in the provided pre-paid envelope and drop it in one of Paris’s yellow mailboxes.

Handy, reliable, and much cheaper than most international data plans, Urbansider’s Paris Connectivity Kit keeps you connected to the internet (and to Urbansider’s Tips and Services) during your stay in Paris.

Order Now !

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