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Private Perfume Workshop

Design Your Own Personal Fragrance

This private perfume discovery workshop includes:

  • Introduction by an Alchemist fragrance expert
  • Access to the Alchemist Scent Library
  • One-on-one consultation with a perfume alchemist
  • Blending of your own bespoke fragrance with the Scent Creator
  • 20ml bottle of your personal fragrance

To enjoy individually or with a loved one

Price: 129€ and 89€  for an additional participant

Duration: 1.5 hours
Languages: French & English

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What if you could create a fragrance that was uniquely yours? You’ve probably tried different perfumes from different brands, but maybe you never found exactly what you wanted. Or maybe you dream of something different, a scent that exists only in your imagination, but you’d like to give life to your inspiration. The Alchemist Atelier makes it possible!

Start your journey of discovery with a palette of scents you love, selected from the workshops’ Scent Library, a collection of bases and accords all carefully curated by perfumers.

The Alchemist Atelier’s experts accompany you all along the way, helping you select your scents, understand the perfume-making process, and fine tune your fragrance.

Their Scent Visualizer offers a unique representation of your fragrance, showing photos of the different components of your creation according to the intensity of each scent in your blend. The app lets you add your personal notes, adjust, and perfect your perfume.

When you’re ready to sample, the Scent Creator blends your ingredients into your own bespoke luxury fragrance. Then wear it, test it, share it, tweak it, and make the final adjustments until you get what you want.

Making your own perfume is an exciting experience. It’s a creative process with endless possibilities – your imagination and inspiration are the only limits!

Inquire and Book!

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