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French Wine Tour

Virtual Tour de France of wines

The main event at Wine Tasting In Paris: navigate through several French wines, tasting 6 wines, starting it off with a glass of champagne. An absolute must do!

2-hour session includes:

  • Tasting of 6 wines from 6 different regions
  • French cheese and charcuterie

Price: 62 € per person

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This is the main session of Wine Tasting In Paris.  It will take you on a road trip straight into the heart of French wine country. This tasting is perfect if you want to have a broader understanding and a global view of French wines.

A veritable feast of wines will be awaiting you at each stop on your virtual road trip to the most famous wine regions in the world. You will discover each region’s peculiarities, tastes, smells, vineyards and, “bien sur“, the wines.

The tasting will last two and a half hours. It will take you across France from Champagne to Burgundy and to Bordeaux and the Cote du Rhone. You will taste 6 different wines and champagne as our expert explains how to taste wine like a professional. You can also opt for a plate of delicious French cheese  from a local cheese shop to have a full french gastronomy experience.

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