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Café Gourmand

CAFE GOURMAND Cooking Class:

3.5 hours
120€ per person (group class, up to 6 people)
660€ for private classes up to 6 people

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This 3.5 hour class is all about exploring the thoroughly brilliant Parisian concoction – Le Café Gourmand – a wonderful coupling of a good Espresso, a pousse-café* and miniature versions of several French desserts. It’s a small, extravagant luxury – go on, treat yourself!

*Pousse-café – a little glass of a good, strong alcohol, i.e. Calvados, Cognac, Armagnac

You’ll make 4 – 5 mini, fabulous French desserts, accompanied by hands-on instruction, baking techniques, short stories about French life, and a small view of the Seine. We’ll finish by sitting around the big country table, indulging in our Café Gourmand. A sample class may include mini-Palmiers (elephant ear cookies), mini-Fruit tartes, Madeleines, Chocolate Mousse (basically all bite-sized goodies)…. And there’s always a chance that Alisa will have mini meringues with cream ready and waiting for you.