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Bus Palladium

Concert stage at the Bus Palladium
Photo courtesy of Le Bus Palladium

Bus Palladium

Paris’s Legendary Rock Venue

6 Rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009 Paris

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Open since 1965, this Paris music venue is nothing short of legendary.

The history of this spot is extraordinary. Dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, before becoming ‘Le Bus,’ the space was originally a café-concert open all night, then a jazz club where international talents including Louis Armstrong would come to jam.

But it’s in the 1960s that the place really made its mark on the Parisian nightlife scene, when the venue’s new owner decided to create a shuttle bus system so that those in the city’s suburbs could easily come into Paris and party the night away. The ‘Bus’ was born.

Stage and bar in Paris live music venue The Bus Palladium.
Photo courtesy of Le Bus Palladium

This clever new concept quickly took off and some of the most notable artists of the 60s and 70s were regulars here. Salvador Dali was one of the first celebrities to frequent the establishment, bringing the cool, beatnik crowd along with him.

While famous painters, authors, and their entourage sipped (or more likely, downed) their drinks, some of the biggest musicians of all time took the stage, including The Beatles and French stars Johnny Halliday and Téléphone. The place was such a huge part of the Paris music scene that Serge Gainsbourg even mentioned the Bus Palladium in one of his songs.

Piano and guitar in the corner of the dimly lit lounge of the Bus Palladium.
Photo courtesy of Le Bus Palladium

This storied past is still a huge part of the club today, especially in its decidedly retro décor. Posters, records, photos, and guitars from famous performers grace the walls. Plush club chairs, leopard print carpets, and psychedelic wallpaper add to the tongue-in-cheek “classy” vintage punk vibe.

Part concert venue, part nightclub, with a lounge and restaurant too, this is a spot where you could spend all night. The main floor offers a rock’n’roll club with a stage for live music—the lineup is usually excellent—as well as two dance floors for clubbing if that’s more your style. Upstairs, you can catch your breath with a drink or dinner in a calmer atmosphere where you can also sit down at the piano and play a tune.

Upscale bar and lounge of Paris rock club and concert venue.
Photo courtesy of Le Bus Palladium

Club nights are Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, with rock Karaoke on Wednesdays. Regardless of what you’re after, if you’re a rocker, you’re sure to love an evening here!

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Métro Ⓜ
Pigalle, Saint-Georges
6 Rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009 Paris
Opening Hours
Tues-Wed: 19:00-02:00. Thurs: 19:00-04:00. Fri-Sat: 19:00-06:00. Closed Sun-Mon.

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